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The city of Dubai is setting pace for others to follow in term of its innovative public transportation network. Click here to see the famous Dubai tram with its stunning design & features!

When it comes to advanced technological advancement, there is no way you would ignore the fascinating and beautiful city of Dubai city. No wonder it is classified as one of the major tourist destinations on the planet. One very remarkable innovation is the Dubai Tram, which is classified among the world’s safest means of transportation.


The Dubai Tram is believed to be one of the safest modes of transportation in the world

The Dubai Tram, which is electric-powered, is a breathtaking symbol of the city’s public transportation network.

Tram is more or less like a train, featuring similar series of carriages or coaches. While the conventional train runs on the railway, the Tram runs on Tramway, with speed similar to that of train.

Facts about Dubai Tramway

The Trams service in Dubai runs along Jumeirah Beach Road and Al Sufoud Road, while providing a linkage between Palm Monorail and Dubai Metro. It usually moves around Al Sufoud Road for an estimated 9 miles, to Palm Jumeirah and Al Sufoud from Dubai Marina. The running of the Trams to Jumeirah Beach residences from Al Sufoud usually takes 45 minutes.


The Dubai Tram system is powered by electricity and run on its designated railway-like Tramway

To ride in any of the Dubai Trams, it will be required to provide the Nol card for payment, which can be purchased at any of the trams or metro station. As a passenger in any of the Trams, you can check-in and check-out by getting the card scanned at the screen doors on the platform.

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Watch how Dubai Tram operates within city

It is often advisable to have the Nol card since payment with cash will result to premium payment. Regardless of the location or distance, the payment of transport fare with the Nol card is the same across board, which is AED 3 (₦300).


It will only cost you 300 naira in Nigerian currency to access anywhere in the city with the use of Nol card

The tram usually runs during peak hours for 10 minutes but could be extended to 12 minutes. To travel around the whole route, it will take just 40 minutes. Other exciting features passengers will enjoy while riding the Tram include complete mobile network, Wi-Fi connectivity, air conditioner and several others. For smooth running of the Tram system, the city has made provision for Tram police to ensure sanity and enforcement of traffic rules.


For ease of movement, the Trams can be modified to offer similar speed like that of trains

The coordination of the entire Tram system is under the management of an independent body known as Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

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