Dubai Taxi Corporation celebrates milestone of over 1 billion passengers


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Taxi Corporation of Dubai shares an amazing report as it celebrates a milestone of over 1 billion taxi riders since it began in 1995. See the report here!

The Dubai Taxi Corporation has recently celebrated a remarkable milestone of more than 1 billion taxi riders. The official taxi operation management of the oil-rich nation announced the success as a high milestone achieved since going into operation in 1995.


Dubai Taxi celebrates the huge milestone of over 1 billion riders successfully transported in 25 years

According to the official report by the agency, taxis in Dubai covered 682 million journeys between 1995 – 2019 and conveyed more than 1 billion passengers in the process.

During this stated period, the number of Dubai taxi fleets reportedly grew from a mere 81 vehicles to 5,201 while the total number of drivers accordingly increased from just 886 to an impressive 11,500. The total number of staff, similarly, enlarged from 23 to now 1,131 employees by record while the overall number of taxi services has now grown to 13 as at the end of 2019.

This tremendous growth recorded by the Dubai Taxi Corporation is said to have been a result of its brilliant use of Artificial Intelligence for improving its taxi services such as;

  • Routing taxis to higher-demand locations
  • Analyzing trip details
  • Monitoring of the demand and supply of taxi services
  • Improving overall ride safety by monitoring drivers and conducting compliance protocols


Dubai currently boasts of having one of the best-operated taxi services and road networks in the world

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The Dubai taxi agency also has a smart app that integrates Amira Limo, electric limo, limo services, and regular taxi services into one platform which has been able to achieve a 6.5minutes average time of directing vehicles to riders.

More innovations are also underway to revolutionize the Dubai taxi operations and make it even better using modern technologies in the new decade.

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