Dubai Ambulance Service car fleet adds Chevy Corvette and GT-R


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The Dubai Ambulance service has just added a Nissan GT-R and a Chevy Corvette supercar to its already fascinating fleet. See the two new cars here!

Naijauto has many times praised UAE cities like Dubai for being totally exceptional in its selection of vehicles used for delivering public services, particularly in the health and security sectors.


Dubai “first responder” Ambulance Services can respond quickly to save lives with these new supercars (Source: Zulekhahospitals)

Just like we would expect, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has just added two new superfast vehicles that are really fit for “true emergency” response when it comes to speed. Even though these new responder vehicles aren’t really targeted at loading a patient on a stretcher to the hospital, they will still serve better in reaching critical patients by 4 to 8 minutes times quicker than any conventional ambulance.

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Video: Dubai Emergency Super Cars, Corvette, Lotus, Challenger, BMW, Lexus

Apart from serving as a tourist attraction and being readily available at sporting events, the Nissan GT-R and Chevrolet Corvette hypercars added to the fleet of the Dubai Ambulance services can also help save the life of a heart attack patient, as it would help get resuscitation equipment to such a victim faster than any standard ambulance vehicle.

When it comes to saving lives, every minute and every second count!

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