Drunken policeman vandalizes manager's car for blaring horn then arrested him


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Wonders shall never end! A drunken policeman has assaulted a driver, damaging his car because he honked at him while passing him on the road! He even called his colleague to arrest the car owner - a sales manager. Police is investigating the case. Check details!

A sales manager identified as Gideon Adewunmi has been subjected to a series of assault by a police officer, Andy Amana, for blaring his car's horn.

The incident was reported to have happened on Saturday by 8 pm, at 8 miles area in Calabar, Cross River State.


Gideon's car was damaged because he blared his car's horn at a policeman

Police officer vandalized car & shot at car owner

Naijauto learned that Gideon and a colleague of his were coming from the Ogoja axis when Andy the policeman accosted them, questioning their audacity to honk the horn at him while they were driving past him.

The report says, Andy who happens to be stationed at Police Command, Zone 6 Cross River had veered towards Gideon's vehicle while trying to avoid a crash. And instead of apologizing to Gideon, he assaulted him and vandalized his car.

While narrating the incident, Gideon said,

"I had already overtaken a Toyota Camry with tinted glasses when I noticed that it was swerving towards my lane and the only thing I could do was to move towards the culvert to avoid an accident and I had to blare the horn to nudge the driver to move away, but he was not disturbed with the fact that I blared the horn. It was just a case of if I hit you nothing will happen to me."

Gideon stated that Andy hit his car by the driver's side and he had to pull over to inspect his car to see the level of damage done. While at it, the driver behind the Toyota wheels, i.e. Andy, drove towards him in a commando manner and barricaded the road. He approached Gideon and before he (Gideon) could utter a word, Andy began to land some blows on Gideon, kicking him at the same time. Gideon could only block his face since the blows were being aimed at his face.

The police officer went back to get his gun inside the car and when Gideon saw the gun, he took cover at the back of his car. Andy fired the gun but missed his target. While the drama was going on, Gideon noticed that he was drunk.

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Making up another story, the policeman arrested innocent car owner

Even when residents came to rescue Gideon, their plea fell on deaf ears. It was reported that the policeman began to shoot sporadically into the air and everyone had to run for their lives. The policemen left the scene and went to call his colleague to arrest the sales manager. They came and whisked Gideon away.

"Amama used his gun to break my vehicle’s windscreen and windows before driving off. When I noticed that he had gone, I came to my vehicle with my colleague and we tried to get a tow vehicle because he had collected my car key at gunpoint and while we were still waiting for the vehicle, he came back with some policemen and told them to arrest me, I was arrested and taken to the Ikpai Omni Police Station."


Nigerian policemen are there to protect citizens, and not to intimidate them

When Gideon got to the police station, he discovered that Andy had cooked up a fabricated story against him, demanding his arrest.

Gideon told local media that after he reported the matter online, the Police Complaint Response Unit (PCRU) told him they would investigate the matter.

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