"Uber for Organs" - First time Drone delivers a donated kidney to a transplant patient


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If you think you could outrun this drone in the delivery of donated kidney to a transplant patient, you need to think once again. This drone was even called "Uber for Organs" by NYTimes. Click here for full story!

For the very first time, a transplant patient has received a donated kidney delivered by a drone after eight years of waiting for a donor. The reputed New York Times has named this technology "Uber for Organs."

In just ten minutes, the organ was carried on a short 2.7 mile test flight from the St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore to the University of Maryland medical center. The transplant operation was carried out successfully just few hours after the drone delivered it.

The physicians, aviation, researchers and engineering experts have been solely responsible for the development of this particular drone, from the School of Medicine, University of Maryland and also the Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland.



The drone was quick enough to save the life of the recipient for a successful kidney transplant

According to the undisclosed 44-year-old patient from Baltimore, who spent eight years on dialysis before undergoing the transplant operation, said:

This whole thing is amazing,

Years ago, this was not something that you would think about.

It appears like this new introduction could soon become the safest, most affordable and fastest technique of beating the time of organ transplant.


The researchers are highly optimistic about the future of the technology in medicine

>>> In fact, we already had the first African-made flying drone taxi broadcast on TV. The project will definitely go further to serve our local needs!

Usually chartered flights or even commercial ones deliver the donor organs. But there might be slight issues at times such as busy traffic delays or even an organ being left right inside the plane.

Drone delivers donated kidney for the first time

There is a 1.5% statistics of donor organs shipments not getting to their destination and about 4% encountered delay of many hours.

Almost 114,000 people were on wait list in 2018 for organ transplant. We hope they get one soon and also get better.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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