Drunken driver caught driving with two front tyres missing


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A drunken driver was spotted by the UK police driving with two tyres missing. The driver has been arrested right on the spot. Read details and see pictures below!

Whoever goes around driving a car with just two tyres?

A drunken driver was spotted by the UK police on patrol driving a car with the two front tyres missing on New Year Day.


The drunken driver drove his car with 2 front tyres missing

The traffic police in Greater Manchester said the motorist, whose identity wasn't disclosed, was ''struggling to drive “the car, so he pulled over on the expressway outside Bury in the United Kingdom.

On closer look, the police discovered that the two tyres have already been torn off the rims, with the rims completely worn out.


The rims were already worn out from driving on the asphalt road


What a way to start off the New Year!

A breathalyzer test was conducted on the driver, which he failed. Naijauto gathered his blood alcohol content (BAC) was five times more than the legal limit.

The police arrested the driver on the spot.

It has become a routine for the UK traffic police to catch motorists who are defaulters to traffic rules. In December, a drunken motorist driving with a front tyre missing was arrested by the South Yorkshire police.

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