Fearless driver rides a BMW 3 series sedan on highway sitting on the window


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Check out a new video that captures the shocking moment a daring U.S Driver was seen driving a BMW 3-series on the highway while sitting on the car windows. Read now!

Over the last weekend, we stumbled upon a shocking video online that captured the moment a fearless motorist was caught on camera driving his BMW 3 series sedan on the highway. The shocking aspect is that he was sitting on the vehicle’s window. If you find it difficult to imagine, just wait till you see the video somewhere below in this article.


A daring motorist drives a BMW 3 series sedan on a U.S highway while sitting on the vehicle’s window

This bizarre incident reportedly happened on the Interstate 5 highway in Washington, U.S. One could hear the man who recorded the video exclaiming out of shock upon seeing the daring driver who seems to be driving from outside his BMW 3 series car on the highway. Check out the video below to see for yourself this unbelievable reckless driving stunt;

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How in the world is the fearless driver in the video able to drive the car from the vehicle’s window frame where he sat all through?

This question is one that has been difficult for us to answer because his BMW 3 series had a dark tint on the opposite windows, which makes it hard to see if there ist anyone else in the car with him. But if we were to guess, we would assume that he could actually have one of his feet resting on the car’s throttle while also having the cruise control feature enabled. And he could be using his right hand to grip the car’s steering wheel while having the other hand as support to hold himself from falling.

In any case, we will never advise that anyone try this “crazy” dangerous act on a highway even if another passenger is available in the car at that time. A slight mistake or loss of control can lead to a fatal accident which can lead to loss of life.

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