The Uber guy returned passenger's purse containing ₦25,000 to get back ₦500 tip. Here's how people reacted!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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You need to see what the Uber guy posted on Twitter after he was given just a ₦500 tip on returning a passenger’s purse containing ₦25,000. Check his full post below!

It's now become regular for us at to always get some hilarious or controversial updates on Uber and Taxify/Bolt drivers almost every week.

This time around, it's one Uber driver that recently uploaded a picture on Twitter which shows a certain purse with a Nigerian International passport and some ₦1,000 notes which was said to be a total of ₦25,000.

The driver, however, claims that a passenger had forgotten the purse in his car which he went back to return the purse to the so-called passenger, only to be given just ₦500 as a tip for his favour. People expressed different viewpoints over the event. Some agree the lady should have been more generous while others insist that doing the right things should come at no cost.


The post attracts controversial comments from the public

Here is a quote of the exact caption that the driver added to the photo he uploaded;

“Today a lady forgot her purse in my car, there was N25,000 and an international passport that had an American visa in it. I drove back to her house to return it and she gave me a ₦500 tip. Some people are just so ungrateful”.

Till now, the post has gained 1609 retweets and 3915 likes along with a lot of comments. Some are sarcastic, you can see below!


Many agree and a lot of others think it's ridiculous

From his words above, he seems to be really upset and expected more than what he was given. Check his Tweet and how people reacts below!

Do you think this driver deserves more or not?

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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