Wow! Driver narrowly escapes death as tree falls on his car in Lagos (Photos)


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Check out photos that capture the shocking moment a Lagos driver narrowly escaped death when a big tree fell on his car during a recent heavy rainfall. Wow, see it!

When it is not yet time for someone to die, no matter how bad a car accident can be – he or she will surely walk out unharmed. That’s the perfect explanation we can think of upon seeing the photos and reports of a Lagos driver who narrowly escaped death after a “mighty” tree fell on his car during heavy rainfall. From the size of the tree to the bad weather and probably the speed at which the car was driving – all we can say is that the driver was just lucky to have survived. See photos below;


A lucky driver narrowly escapes death when heavy rainfall caused a big tree to fall on his car in Lagos

Despite having published a compilation of luckiest drivers in the world sometimes ago, we believe that the motorist who escaped death in this recent Lagos incident is yet another of such “lucky” drivers.

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Based on press reports, this unnamed motorist was driving his Honda CR-V compact SUV on the main road at Alhaji Masha area of Teslim Balogun Stadium in Surulere side of Lagos state, when a gigantic tree beside the road suddenly landed on his car. The reports claim that heavy downpour accompanied by storms had caused the sudden uprooting of the tree which fell just at the exact time the SUV was passing, making it to land on the car instead of the ground.

According to reports by TRIBUNE, the incident happened sometime around 6.14 pm in the evening and the tree basically destroyed the Honda CR-V SUV’s mirrors, bonnet, windscreen, and most parts of the vehicle’s front side. However, the driver escaped unhurt.

Want to see more photos and a video of trees that fell on cars in many countries around the world? Check out a compilation video below;

  Trees vs Cars - Trees falling on Cars compilation || CCC

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