Driver miraculously escapes death as metal rod pierced his front windscreen


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The metal rod came out of nowhere and pierced through the windshield, hitting the driver's head. Miraculously, the man just suffered a wound and call ed 911 for assistance.

A man from Washington has narrowly escaped death after a long metal rod pierced through his car's front windscreen, hitting him on the head while he was driving on Wednesday afternoon.


The long metal rod pierced through his car's front windscreen and hit him on the head

The man whose identity wasn't disclosed said he was driving along Southbound I-5 in Federal way when the two-feet metal rod came shattering his windshield before hitting his head.

The metal rod got stuck into the roof close to the driver's head, giving him a cut.

He told local media he believes the metal rod didn't detach from another car, rather it was lying on the road. When the incident happened, he pulled over and discovered that he was already bleeding.

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Naijauto gathered he called 911 immediately and a team of paramedics met him near a gas station and from there, took him to St Francis Hospital.


The windscreen was shattered by the long metal rod

The man received eight stitches on his head and was later discharged.

The Washington State Patrol is still appealing for persons with information on where the rod came from.

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