Impossible stunt! Driver cruises car with 3 tires, Nigerians react


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A Nigerian driver throws caution to the wind as he cruises away in a car without complete tires in broad daylight on a major road. Watch the video!

Just when you think you have seen it all in Naija, you get a shocker. Social media is buzzing nonstop over a video of a car being driven without complete tires. Yes, you read it right. The car was taken on the road, in broad daylight, with a fourth tire missing.


Driving a car like this is a recipe for an accident (Photo by InShOt)

If you think this is the height of risk-taking, then you are not alone as many people who saw the video, shared the same thought. One might be forced to think that the driver accidentally lost one of his tires, and was only managing the car to safety. But from all indications, that was not the case. As seen in the video, the car was not “crawling.” The driving was moving at moderate speed – unbothered about the car’s condition.



Some social media comments

Dangers of driving a car without complete tires

There is a reason why cars are manufactured with four tires. This is to ensure that they have a good balance on the road. Anything short of this endangers not just the lives of the car’s occupants but also the lives of other road users. If the car accidentally bumps into an object, it will be thrown off balance, and run into other vehicles around it. It could start a chain reaction, affecting several cars in the vicinity.

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The car can be seen, slightly shaking, as it is being driven. This is an indication that it is a ticking time bomb. In this state, heavy wind can blow it off the ground. It is hard to believe that anyone in their right senses would take such a risk. Hopefully, the driver will not be lucky to get away with this next time.


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