Need lessons? Excited driver crashes new car seconds after delivery


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Check out a hilarious video of an excited car buyer that had his brand-new Volkswagen Polo flip over just a few seconds after taking delivery of the car. Watch it now!

Any car owner or driver can testify to the immense Adrenaline rush that one gets on taking delivery of a new car, especially if it’s a “Dream” car. Imagine waiting for many months, saving the money, or preparing to receive a loan. Then, going to the dealership to sign all papers and taking delivery of your new car at last. It’s usually a joyful moment but if care isn’t taken, one can easily ruin this beautiful moment with over-excitement that can cause you to make “silly” mistakes. Such was the case of a guy in a viral video we featured below in this post. Read on!


Possibly “over-excited” driver flips over a brand-new Volkswagen Polo car just a few seconds after taking delivery

Over the last weekend, we came across a certain video that captured a recent hilarious incident at a car dealership in India. The video comprises footage from two cameras that captured the incident from two different angles; we suspect one of the footage to have been captured by a family member or dealership staff while the second is obviously a CCTV camera footage. Check out the video below;

  Volkswagen Polo Crashes at Showroom 2020 | New Volkswagen Polo 2020 | Bad driver

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A certain YouTube channel with the handle “Yesh Vlogs” uploaded the above video which captured the moment when an excited car buyer tried to test drive a new Volkswagen Polo Hatchback only to end up crashing it. Few people even applauded the car buyer as a form of congratulating him/her for the purchase but it didn’t take a few seconds before the moment turned sour.

The driver literally started the engine, turned right, crashed it into one of the parked cars, and then headed on straight to hit the dealership’s main gate which caused the car to eventually flip over. So, what lesson does this incident teach us? Well, it’s pretty simple; LEARN HOW TO DRIVE FIRST BEFORE BUYING A NEW CAR 😊.

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