Driver crashes Lamborghini worth ₦97million just 20 minutes after delivery


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Check out photos from a recent incident involving a driver that crashed a brand-new Lamborghini supercar worth ₦97million just 20 minutes after picking it from a dealership. See it now.

And yet again, we found new photos and a fresh report of a car buyer who crashed an expensive Lamborghini Huracan Spyder worth approximately ₦97million just 20 minutes after taking delivery of the new supercar in England. Quite shocking, isn’t it?


A car buyer in England recently crashed an expensive Lamborghini supercar just a few minutes after taking the delivery

In case you are asking; why are more people recently falling victim to car crashes occurring just a few minutes or seconds after taking delivery? Well, we honestly don’t know as well.

A few days back, we published a post about an excited driver who crashed a new car a few seconds after taking delivery in India. Yet again, a similar incident was recently recorded on the M1 highway near Wakefield in England. Meanwhile, we have to point out that this latest incident wasn’t caused by “over-excitement” or lack of skill on the driver’s part but instead a confirmed mechanical failure. Yes, we are very sure that no one would ever think that a brand-new Lamborghini worth ₦97million could face mechanical issues in less than 20 minutes after delivery. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in this case.

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According to reports, photos of the incident were shared by the West Yorkshire police department on Twitter with a caption narrating that the incident occurred just 20 minutes after the owner picked up the supercar from a showroom in England. The police report explained that a mechanical failure made the supercar to suddenly stop in the middle of a highway, causing an innocent driver coming from behind to hit the Lamborghini unintentionally. The reports also stated that the driver of the van which collided with the supercar suffered moderate head injuries which aren’t all that serious.

Below is the video from a similar incident that occurred in India last week;

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