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When you find yourself taking a public bus in any city in Nigeria, check here to see the different kinds of people you are likely to meet in the bus. After reading this, you may not want to get on any bus again!

Wonders will never come to an end inside commercial buses in Nigeria. There is never a dulling moment. Sometimes these events can be exciting, sometimes can really be irritating or annoying. Regardless, thousands of movie scenes could be shot in typical public bus. Naijauto is really intrigued in bringing you interesting topics like this. Take a seat and check out the different kinds of people you will meet in a public transport in different cities in the country.

This list was creatively compiled by FCP Eleagu through his twitter handle @FranklynEleagu. Check below for those kinds of people you will most likely see in public buses:

1. The first on our list are the unkempt people with dirty cloth or serious body odour. You would wish you never sat beside that person or even entered the bus in the first place. When these set of people decide to alight at a particular stop, you lift off your hands and scream in excitement.


Inside every public bus in Nigeria, endless drama and different kinds of personality

2. There are also people who are fond of keeping transport fare till they get to their destination. If luck runs against you as a passenger in that particular bus, you might be seriously delayed just because the guy decides to give the driver or conductor 1000 naira note for 20 naira fare. Well, best of luck to you.

3. There is a very high possibility you meet the ‘engrossed’. These are the people who are just in the bus but their minds aren’t there. They are not interested in the conversations or people surrounding. They are less concerned about the speed at which the bus is moving or even the side drama on the road.

They are either totally committed to their mobile phones or a book. You do not want to mess with this kind of people.

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4. There are also people who do not respect people’s privacy. They can focus on your private lifestyle especially through what you are checking on your mobile phone. These set of people can really annoy you and you might end up throwing an insult especially if you are in sour mood. Relax, be a gentleman once a while.

5. The third set of people on the list can either amuse you or piss you off depending on the outcome of your mood. These people buy then eat anything they see ranging from egg, gala, bread, beans cake and several other food items being hawked along the road.

When these people decide to release a gas that will ruin your appetite for the rest of the day, just pray you aren't in that bus. Some of them could be kind enough to share the blessing with you.


This man can't leave his bread behind

6. There is always this person who sees himself or herself as the perfect driver in the bus. If the driver drives recklessly or not in tune with his/her road philosophy, such driver would be spanked seriously with insults. These people are the nightmare of most commercial drivers.

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7. If you love quiet moment, you might need to rethink before you enter public buses. There are people in buses that love engaging people in unnecessary argument or conversation. The funny part of this is that the argument never ends or reaches a compromise. If you find yourself at the middle of such argument, you should be ready to take insult.


Any argument on bus may end up like this!

8. There are those who will suffocate you with excess load in the bus. They are always carrying loads. They will apologize but just know that the journey will be hell for you. Your prayer should be, it shouldn’t happen when you are embarking on a long journey.

9. These people will use the entire journey to sleep. If you are unlucky to sleep beside them, you will be used as pillow all through the journey.


These two boys must have had a tough day!

10. There are those that will also turn the bus into church. They will preach from the beginning of the journey till the point when they get to their destination.

11. Some people just sit in the public buses as if they are in their living room. These are the kind of people that can get on your nerves.

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We wish you best of luck as you embark on your exciting and fun filled experience in the public transport.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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