Drake is now a private jet owner, unveils 'Air Drake'


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Oh boy! Drake has joined the league of private jet owners by acquiring the "Air Drake". He won't be flying commercial, neither will he be renting jets again. Congrats!

Drake has revealed his newest baby, a Boeing jumbo jet which has the tag “Air Drake". He showed it off through his Instagram account.

The Canadian rapper is now being listed as a private jet owner. Naijauto knew he couldn't hide his excitement over his new private jet as a video titled "Nothing was the same for real..." showed him beaming with excitement as multiple angles of the Boeing jumbo jet was shown, with a brief view of its lush interior.

In the video, Drake was also heard saying, “no rental, no timeshare, no co-owners".

And here's what he is implying. The private jet is rightfully his and he won't be boarding commercial flights again, and neither will he be renting any. The giant cargo jet slapped on with white throughout has the inscription "Air Drake" on its side, with the unique OVO owl symbol.

He was standing by as the jet designers unveiled the Boeing jumbo jet in its finished form, showing off the tag 'Air Drake' and his logo beautifully inscribed on one of the jet's wing. The exterior has a gorgeous look but it can't be compared to its interior. It’s simply a jaw-dropping experience when you behold the aesthetic fitted with cozy couches, work areas, etc.


Air Drake has a cozy and beautiful interior

Didn't we say it before? Drake was full of awe as he keeps appreciating what he has been able to achieve by following his dreams. Perhaps you also have a thing for music the way Drake does. Well, keep showing up and doing it because your own time will come too.


Drake can't help but admire his achievement doing what he loves

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From the video clip, Drake is seen expressing his admiration for his new jet, while sharing some laughs and jokes with friends.

From what we gathered, the Boeing jumbo jet costs Drake $185 million. Do you know how much it's going to be in Nigerian currency?

A whooping ₦66.5 billion. Don't bother calculating how many cars it can fetch you.

It costs Drake a whooping  ₦66.5 billion to piece his jet together!

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