Air Drake updates: Drake got his ₦61.3 billion customized aircraft for free


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Canadian rapper Drake is now a proud owner of a super expensive and luxurious private jet which is a ₦61.29 billion customized aircraft. Can you believe it, he got this namely "Air Drake" for free as a gift from Canadian Airline Cargojet (According to TMZ).

Drake, a popular Canadian rapper and single took to his social media account three weeks ago in showing off “Flying Mansion”, his newly ₦61.3 billion customized private jet, to his 57 million Instagram followers.

This “Air Drake” is a customized aircraft with wide body and richly furnished with brownish and gold-plaited furniture. This is perceived to be one of the most luxurious aircraft to be privately owned by an artist in the world.


This richly customized private jet comes at a whopping ₦61.3 billion and Drake got it all for free!

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It was reported according to TMZ celebrity publication that Drake, the 32 year-old artist didn’t pay any fee for the newly acquired customized plane. It appears like a gift from the Cargojet. Below is the information we got from a reliable source about Drake getting his private jet for free!

"The rapper got his custom OVO jet dubbed ‘Air Drake’ for FREE because the Canada-based airline that made it, Cargojet, believes it’ll more than pay for itself in publicity as a high-profile traveling billboard

The 767 jet retails for up to $200 MILLION, and all Champagne Papi (Drake) has to do is use it to travel around the world and take photographs flaunting it. Fortunately for Drake, that’s right up his alley."


Guess there are few celebrities out there that could afford this massive and fully customized aircraft

Well, in case you didn’t know, Drake net worth is only estimated at $140m while the retail price of the plane without customization comes at a whopping cost of $200 million.

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Drake in a short video clip showed his appreciation to the president and CEO of Cargojet, Ajay Virmani, for bringing such deal into reality.

Video: Business Report: Drake’s private jet was reportedly a gift

He further said: "No rental, no timeshare, no co-owners." That's the dream of everyone, right?

Without much ado, Drake is now the proud owner of this super expensive and exotic Boeing 767 Aircraft.

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