Don't stop on Oshodi bridge - the advice from a driver who just escaped death there!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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As a motorist plying unsafe places in Lagos and environs, always make sure you stay safe. Check out why you shouldn't stop on Oshodi bridge, which is really a dead trap to motorists!

Oshodi Oke is one of the most popular areas in Lagos State, Nigeria. It has been known for all sorts of drama and menaces especially among the residents. With this strong reputation, you definitely do not want to mess around if found yourself there for the very first, possibly as a pedestrian or motorist. Recently, an undisclosed man narrated his ordeals at Oshodi Oke with a bid to caution other people around that notorious area in Lagos.

"On Tuesday 2nd May, 2019, I was driving towards Isolo from Gbagada at about 8.10 pm.

The road was clear. As we approached the Oshodi Bridge, unknown to my driver who was driving on the fast lane, drove on top of a very sharp object, which has ostensibly been set on the road by Hoodlums-to be proven later. My driver pooled out to check what happened to the Tyre. We found out that it had cut.

The driver said we should change the Tyre with the extra one in the car boot. I objected but he said it would not take a long time and that the whole bridge is well lit even as new metal barricade had been installed on both sides of the express way.

We believed we were safe. He then started to change the tyre. In a few minutes he was done. But he was tightening the knots when the first young man to me! He said, “E FUN WA LOWO TIWA O“, meaning – give us our own money. Knowing what he can do, I said he should not worry I will settle him.


Oshodi Oke is one of the most notorious hoodlums' havens in Lagos- Beware!

He then said we are many o. it’s either you give us N50000 or we rubbish you. I gave him the N3000 in my front pocket. He said this is not our money.

At this point others numbering 8 young boys between the ages of 17&25 years came from nowhere started ransacking the car while two of them showed me a gun and the other showed me a sharp knife for stabbing.

At this point, all the money I had on me was handed over to them. They also collected part of my driver’s salary also at gun point. Other valuables, Ring, Wristwatch etc were collected.

They didn’t collect my very small Tecno phone which I bought for only (N4000). This is to warn everyone using the Oshodi Bridge that the lighting and barricade does not make the place safe. The police patrol team on the bridge during the construction works should be returned there with their patrol vehicles please.

It’s sad that throughout the operations, no Motorist stopped to our aid. Please never you stop on the bridge or any point close to where your vehicle had tyre problems because most likely some people who set up the trap would be around to descend on you mysteriously.

God forbid."

Criminals in Nigeria are becoming more cunning in robbing or stealing from naive people. Just recently, we had sharings about Car thieves in wedding & social events: what their trick is & how to avoid! and today, another serious incident took place on this bridge. Lagos is never a safe place to live in, isn't it?

As a driver, make sure you drive away from unsafe spot as much as possible to a place that is safe enough. It is always important to prioritise your safety over a part that you might need to fix or replace in your car.

Drive safe!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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