Don Jazzy and Banky’s responses to viral video of ladies mocking Banky’s car


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After the video mocking Banky’s 2002 Range Rover went viral, Don Jazzy and Banky himself have finally voiced.

Banky and Adesua are the famous couple in Nigerian entertainment industry. This talented Pop singer and the beautiful actress Adesua have celebrated their wedding at the Landmark Event Centre in Lagos on November 11 last year.

Adesua and Banky

Adesua and Banky in the press conference

Though earning quite a lot of money from their jobs, this couple drives a humble 2002 Range Rover, which was mocked by 2 ladies in the same shopping mall.

Adesua and Banky’s car

Adesua and Banky’s 2002 Range Rover

In the video, these women happened to park near this couple’s car. While watching them loading goods onto the Range Rover, the two ladies had laughed and joked about this old auto model with words like “dead car” or “2002 expired Range Rover.”

However, after 2 women posted this clip on social networks, they were the ones who suffered harsh criticism from the public. Don Jazzy also joined the crowd with his despicable post.

Comment threats on Instagram below the mocking video

Public responses to the video

Don Jazzy's post in response

Now comes Don Jazzy’s post

The producer and entrepreneur despised the act of mocking Banky’s car. He also stated that those women could never found success if behaving that way.

Not long after, the main character – Banky, has posted a letter in response to the video.

Banky’s post in response

Banky’s post about the mocking video

Within the letter, he referred to the video as “cringe-worthy” and “creepy,” also shared his and his wife’s thoughts upon the action.

Below are some extracts from the letter:

“First of all, poverty will never be my portion in Jesus name. Also, it is a 2008 Range Rover Sport, not a 1999. Amen and Lol. Oh, and additionally, it’s currently for sale to the highest bidder. I had decided last month that I’d sell it, and whatever I got for it, I’d hand over to the “Vocational School for the Blind” in Oshodi and the “Pink Oak Cancer Trust Fund.”

“You might be happy to know that I’ve now FINALLY ordered a newer, nicer, personal car, and my wife has too. We paid for them a month ago, but we will probably never show them to you, because we don’t want you to stalk us again, but also because that’s not really any of your business – much like my old Range Rover wasn’t.”

You can read full letter of Banky here.

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