Florida dog drives car in circles for an hour after putting car in reserve


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Even dogs want to go behind the wheels! See the moment a dog in Florida, USA went spinning after putting a car in reverse. Finally, police were called upon to rescue the dog. See details below!

Dogs are lovely creatures and always make a great companion. It isn't a surprise most folks take them along in their car for a ride downtown.

A  black Labrador dog got a spin of a lifetime after the owner briefly came down from the car, leaving the dog alone in the car. The dog mistakenly put the car in reverse gear and it went spinning. Naijauto learned the dog drove round in circles for close to an hour before the police came to its rescue.


The dog was in for a ride and got a spin instead

Reports say the incident happened at Port St. Lucie city, Florida.

A neighbor in the area, Anna Sabol said, she had no idea what was happening outside until she looked through the window and saw a police car. Then she saw more police cars. She found out it was a response to an emergency call that told the cops a grey sedan has been spinning uncontrollably for a long time and wasn't stopping. It turned out the Labrador dog was the only occupant in the car.

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The dog got stuck in the grey sedan and went spinning after it had put the car in reverse

The dog didn't mind spinning behind the wheels, unlike the other Labrador dog who mistakenly stepped on a gun kept inside the car and shot its owner on the leg because it got terrified by the sound of a moving train.

See the video .

Don't you think the dog will be needing a license, to have put the car in reverse?

Florida police came on time to stop the spinning car before any major damage. They did it by pressing the passcode into the door on the driver's side.

The police said no one was injured as a result of the joyride.

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