DJ Cuppy’s hobby: Showing up in style with exotic cars


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Many of her cars are the gifts by her affluent father, Femi Otedola.

I love a quote by Bill Gate, the co-founder of Microsoft and legend in the technology world, which states “If you were born poor, it’s not your fault but if you die poor, it’s your fault!” If every one of us follows his saying closing in every step of our lives, the inspiration will always find its place in our heart, hence a better world. That’s about the poor but speaking about the other side of the quote, they must be even richer, right?

DJ cuppy with her Range Rover

Then here goes the story of Dj Cuppy who is a quintessential example for this. Born a girl of an affluent family, Cuppy stood up on her own foot and become one of the most jealous women in Nigeria.

The daughter of famous tycoon Femi Otedola is afraid to show off her luxurious life. On her Instagram page’s the Nigerian DJ often uploads the exotic cars, sometimes she even took over her father’s Rolls-Royce at times of his absence for driving and shooting.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wageon Cuppy recieved as gift

DJ Cuppy pose a black Bentley

Cuppy with a black car

Cuppy in front of a white Mercedes-Benz

DJ cuppy poses with a Mercedes-Benz

DJ Cuppy with a red car

Cuppy sitting on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz

Dj Cuppy and her father's Rolls-Royce

Cuppy poses with her Mercedes-Benz

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