Does DJ Cuppy now patronize keke?


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Is it the humble yellow vehicle just compliments the beautifully bright shade of her dress, or even DJ Cuppy now patronizes keke?

People normally use clothes, accessories, and vehicles to enhance their looks. However, Dj Cuppy or Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, the daughter of affluent Nigerian tycoon Femi Otedola, doesn’t need those flashy clothes, luxurious accessories, or exotic vehicles to polish her look. In fact, she just did something absolutely opposite.

DJ Cuppy listening to music with her headphone

The Nigerian Dj has a heaven-sent beauty

DJ Cuppy and her father Femi Otadola

Dj Cuppy is the daughter of the billionaire business Femi Otedola

So while most people need things to meliorate themselves, Dj Cuppy in her color-matching outfit made the Keke looks better thanks to her heaven-sent beauty.

The photo just uploaded on her Instagram makes her fans wonder why with lots of luxury car in her lavish garage, she chose to pose beside a mediocre tricycle instead:

Dj Cuppy posts on Instagram posing with a yellow Keke

Dj Cuppy just uploaded a photo of her posing beside a Keke in her color-matching clothes

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But we wonder Is it the humble yellow vehicle compliments the beautifully bright shade of her dress, or even DJ Cuppy patronizes keke, Lagos' most popular transportation means that is now nice to travel by? You might remember his father, Femi Otedola has enjoyed a bus ride and the video has become a sensation not long ago.

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