Dj Cuppy buys billionaire dad, Femi Otedola a ₦181 million Rolls Royce Phantom for Christmas!


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Dj Cuppy wasn't totally sure her daddy, Femi Otedola will like a Rolls Royce Phantom for Christmas, bust she still went ahead to buy it anyways. They can always buy another brand if he dislikes a whooping ₦181 car!

'Tis the season for gifts, multi million naira gifts from DJ Cuppy to Femi Otedola!

Nigeria's favourite pink haired and billionaire Barbie Doll, DJ Cuppy, just got her daddy a 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom worth ₦181 million. She's currently in London, bought a nice ride and isn't sure if her billionaire dad, Femi Otedola, will like it or not.


A gift from a billionaire daughter to a billionaire dad - Rolls Royce Phantom worth ₦181 million for Christmas!


The number plate customization is exclusive to Femi Otedola.

Cuppy took to her Instagram page to ask her fans if he'll like it:

Just picked up a Christmas present for @FemiOtedola do you think he’ll like it?

After asking her fans (who obviously said Femi Otedola will love his new Rolls Royce Phantom), she posted another picture to show us the interior. As you can see below, it's extremely hot! The lights just make it even better and it just has to be a part of the Phantom Tranquility family.


She captioned the post "Patiently waiting to pick @AnthonyJoshua up after he handles business! Let’s go CHAMP!"

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As expected, some are talking about how she managed to raise all that money. Apparently, people think all she does is enjoy her Daddy's billions and the "DJ" title is only a camouflage. DJ Cuppy just reminded us a few days ago that's she's more than just a pink headed billionaire's daughter:


DJ Cuppy is more than just Femi Otedola's daughter, be guarded everyone!

Let's not forget DJ Cuppy also has a foundation, where she recently raised over £10 million at the Cuppy Gold Gala. Also, the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, donated ₦100 million to her foundation. If you ask us, we'd tell you she's a big girl, big enough to buy Femi Otedola  a Rolls Royce Phantom worth ₦181 million!


Femi Otedola is one trendy billionaire daddy!

Under the thread on Cuppy's Instagram page, her kid sister, Temi Otedola (@jtofashion), commented saying "I thought it was meant to be a joint present??" Cuppy replied "You can get the Wraith for mummy!" 

Maybe we should expect another Rolls Royce Wraith from the Otedola clan before the New year. will definitely bring the news to you!


Look what DJ Cuppy recently drove in Dubai.

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