Nigerian artist Diseye Tantua creates amazing art pieces from salvaged vintage car parts


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When an artist is also a car enthusiast! See these art pieces that were all crafted by the Nigerian artist Diseye Tantua from salvaged vintage car parts. Check here!

The team really “dab” for this Nigerian artist named Diseye Tantua who expresses his art using salvaged vintage car parts.


This is Diseye Tantua – the Nigerian artist that crafts out art pieces from vintage car parts

This is what you get when you find a true artist that also love cars especially the vintage ones.


Diseye Tantua’s art – 2-seater cushion chair made from vintage car parts


Diseye Tantua’s art – Office desk and chair made from vintage car parts

The artistic works in the images below are presentations of Diseye Tantua who happens to be a Bachelors of Arts graduate in the field Fine and Applied Art. He has sure grabbed the attention of many to his work by crafting out the below amazing pieces of art from different parts of vintage cars mostly.

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Diseye Tantua’s art – relaxing 2-seater chair made from vintage Mercedes car parts

He seems to not be a fan of the conventional wood used for artistic carvings and furniture. Instead, he preferred to use salvaged car parts from vintage cars like the Volkswagen Beetle and his father’s old classic Mercedes Benz cars too.


Diseye Tantua’s art – a single-seater chair made from Volkswagen beetle car parts

Diseye has now been exhibiting his artworks extensively both here in abroad and here in Nigeria too.


Diseye Tantua’s art – even foreigners seem to enjoy his work

Naija’s got talent, isn’t it?

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