Directorate of Road Traffic Services in FCT unveils new self-service portal


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The Directorate of Road Traffic Services in Abuja has just unveiled a new self-service portal which allows access to its service from anywhere in Nigeria. Read more.

The FCT unit of the DRTS (Directorate of Road Traffic Services) has recently launched a new portal that enables Nigerian motorists and the general public to easily access all of its services directly from their homes or anywhere in the country. Mr Kalu Emetu, the DRTS spokesperson, even mentioned that this new portal will not only be accessible in Nigeria alone but anywhere around the world where Nigerians reside.


FCT unit of DRTS has unveiled a new self-service portal for conveniently accessing its service

According to Mr Kalu Emetu, all Nigerian motorists will be henceforth directed to use this new self-service portal for accessing all of the services provided by the DRTS. Mr Kalu said the new portal is hosted at the below address;

The DRTS spokesperson also mentioned that this new self-service portal was launched in compliance with the Federal Government’s latest directive that public sectors should move their services to digital platforms. This will enable 90% of the activities to be carried out online. Mr Emetu also quoted Alhaji Wadata Bodinga, the Director of DRTS by stressing that the portal is part of the agency’s way of responding to current revenue losses and economic woes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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When speaking about this new portal, the DRTS director – Alhaji Bodinga, said that it would enable Nigerian motorists to easily get real-time access to some of the basic car-related activities and also ensure complete transparency in every one of the DRTS transactions. The director also stated that some other benefits of moving to the new portal are;

  • Reduced document or transactions processing time
  • Less physical paper documentation
  • Better compliance with the best practices all over the world

Alhaji Bodinga said the first phase of this new project includes verification of vehicle particulars’ validity, payment for various road traffic violations, application for the renewal of car particulars, and application for a learners’ permit.

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