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No one can remember exactly the number of Dino Melaye cars as well as his scandals within just a few years back. The senator has been arrested this month after a long time of notorious messes. Read the post inside for more details!

1. Who is Dino Melaye?

If you are politically active or just a fan of luxury car collections in Nigeria, you must know Dino Melaye.

Dino Melaye is a notorious Nigerian politician for continuous scandals and the seemingly endless list of Dino Melaye cars. He is a Senator of Kogi West Senatorial district and a member in PDP (People’s Democratic Party). Dino Melaye is also the Chairman Senate Committee in FCT.

  • How old is Dino Melaye?

Dino Melaye was born on the 1st of January, 1974. The Senator has just welcomed his 45th year with the most recent scandal of allegedly escaping a police van through its window.


The senator is 45 years old and has experienced 2 failed marriages

  • Dino Melaye biography

Dino Daniel Malaye grew up in the city of Kano. He claimed to have graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria but people grew skeptic about it. He then showed his MSC certificates, so let’s say he had studied there for real. The Senator also affirmed he had a certificate degree from the most prestigious school in the world – Havard University, but the institution has debunked the claim, stating he only attended a workshop there.

Dino Melaye had led NANS (National Association of Nigerian Students) before serving as Secretary-General of African Youth Council and Commonwealth Youth Council later on. President Olusegun Obasanjo appointed Dino Melaye to become Presidential Advisory Council on Youths.

When being a member of House of Representatives, this man showed strong disapproval of President Jonathan Goodluck’s government, accusing it of severe corruption.


Despite previous criticism, Melaye appeared quite happy when visiting Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

In 2015, Dino Melaye was officially elected as the Senator of Kogi West. Besides, Senator Ahmad Sani Yerima also nominated him to be President of the Senate but he couldn’t surpass Senator Bukola Saraki who is currently in office.

2. Dino Melaye cars

Not only notorious for political scandals, but Dino Melaye is also well known for his lavish lifestyle. Dino Melaye cars, in particular, show an extravagant life of this senator when he regularly adds up his garage with the most updated automobile models. Below are just some of his impressive car collection!

  • Dino Melaye Bugatti Veyron

The controversial Nigerian senator has shown off his garage with a fleet of exotic cars in on Instagram. Through his photos, we can see the top luxury model is his Bugatti Veyron. It's one of the most expensive cars in the world, which has a starting price of $1.7 million (equivalent to N616 million).


The Veyron Super Sport can reach up to 257 mph

  • Dino Melaye Lamborghini Gallardo

There're around 15,000 Lambo Gallardo produced during 10 years since 2003. That's why to obtain one of those cars, Melaye must have spent a great deal of at least ₦73 million.


The Gallardo got a special customized license plate

  • Dino Melaye Polaris Slingshot

Well, this is not really a car but looks like a super automobile. The three-wheel motorcycle cost about ₦8.7 million, which can be used to buy a brand new car in Nigeria.


Surrounding people are curious about Melaye's 3-wheeled motorcycle

  • Dino Melaye classic Rolls-Royce

We can't explain how this senator can accumulate his property and afford to buy such luxury cars as this classic Rolls-Royce to become one of a few Nigerian celebrities who own Rolls-Royces. The car has a base price of ₦145 million.


This Rolls-Royce is just one in many classics Melaye is owning

  • Dino Melaye Porsche Panamera

You may consider saving up till you can buy this Porsche. The Porsche Panamera is clearly one of the most fantastic cars in the world and it goes for "only" ₦29 million. Keep on your work mood and save the budget for Panamera!


Most of Melaye's cars are plated Dino, so is this Porsche Panamera!

  • Dino Melaye Range Rover

Estimated up to ₦55 million, Dino Melaye Range Rover is just "average" in his car collection. However, the price of the car may exceed that amount as higher trim levels will cost much more the lower ones.


Dino posed in front of his Range Rover

  • Dino Melaye Mercedes G-Wagon

Melaye doesn't reveal the exact price of his G-Wagon but based on its design as well as the showing-off style of this senator, Naijauto experts put it between ₦60 - 70 million.


The Kogi senator looks like a true playboy with G-Wagon

  • Dino Melaye Bentley Continental

Needless to say, this car earns the highest respect from car lovers all over the world when Queen Elizabeth II has trusted this model for years. Its price, thus, belongs to upper hi-class with a suggested price of ₦90 million.


Here's the car model Queen of England often rides!

  • Dino Melaye Chevrolet Corvette

Melaye is seen quite often riding this Corvette due to its spacious room inside. Guess what he may load on this Chevrolet for a ride around Nigeria if he can? Money, and all the stuff for his show-off!

The price of Dino Melaye Chevrolet Corvette is estimated at ₦44 million.


Dino Melaye Chevrolet Corvette looks roomy and sporty

  • Dino Melaye Ferrari

The 10th car of Dino Melaye we want to mention today is the outstanding red Ferrari which can draw all attention to it when running on Nigerian street.

The car is estimated to cost roughly ₦100 million and revealed in one of Dino's response to his online attacker.


Dino considered it rude when people don't include this Ferrari in his collection

Other than 10 car models we listed above, there are many others in Dino Melaye's garage as in the picture below!


Rolls-Royce and Mercedes are common brands in Dino's garage

In his garage are also a Mercedes E Class - ₦19.2 million, Mazda CX 3 - ₦8.6 million, Rolls-Royce Ghost - ₦105.7 million, Porsche Carrera 911 - ₦34.6 million, Harley Davidson - ₦9.4 million, Lamborghini Huracan - ₦86.7 million, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom - ₦163.3 million.

3. Other Kogi state senators vs Senator Dino Melaye

We must say, if comparing the total net worth, car collection or number of scandals, other Kogi state senators are no match for Senator Dino Melaye. Take a look at their names below and see if any one of them has more interesting stories than Melaye.

Current Senators & of Kogi state (2015 – present)
Senator Party Constituency
Dino Melaye PDP Kogi West
Atai Usman APC Kogi East
Ahmed Ogembe PDP Kogi Central

Interestingly, Atai Usman has the same birthday with Dino Melaye. He was born on Jan 1st, 1971. He is a member of All Progressives Congress and his religion is Islam. Till now, there’s no record about Atai Usman political controversies and it seems this man is leading a low profile life without showing off as “someone-who-all-knows.”

On the other hand, Ahmed Ogembe is more mentioned on newspaper. This 50-year-old senator graduated from American Intercontinental University Los Angeles in the US, majoring in Business Administration. Clearly, Ogembe is much more educated than Melaye.


Three Senators of Kogi state: Dino Melaye, Ahmed Ogembe & Atai Usman (from left to right)

He is a successful businessman who has experiences in medical consultancy. That’s why this Senator appears to be better-off than Senator Atai Usman but may not be compared to Melaye’s property. No one knows how Melaye amasses his giant wealth.

On March last year, Senator Ahmed Ogembe’s houses were attacked by hoodlums after he introduced empowered programmes in Kogi state.

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4. Dino Melaye and Tinubu scandals

When discussing various scandals around this man, we couldn’t start without mentioning the incident between senators Dino Melaye and Tinubu.

In one of the most dirty sessions in the Senate, Melaye has threatened his female colleague – Mrs. Tinubu that he would beat her up, “impregnate” her right on the floor of the Senate and leave with nothing happening later.

Many sources described the scene in the session at that time as “ramblings, uproar and profanities.”

Melaye’s full statement was quoted by one of the Senators inside: “Look this is not Bourdillon (residence of Mrs. Tinubu’s husband – APC National Leader Ahmed Bola Tinubu). I will beat you up…impregnate you and nothing will happen.” He even used the “F” word to insult the female senator.


Melaye threatened Tinubu after she expressed a different opinion

After the incident, Melaye felt no regret acting like that in the session, insisting he would never do the thing he said to Mrs. Tinubu as it would be like being with a dried-up Bonga. And he couldn’t “impregnate” her either as she reached menopause already.

5. Dino Melaye and Bisi Ibidapo Obe & his utmost disrespect for women

Obviously, Dino Melaye does not appreciate women. He has been alleged twice for beating his wives. The first one was Tokunbo Melaye who was abused even when being pregnant. The second woman – Alero Melaye also experienced a similar situation before the estrangement period.


The leaked chat between Tokunbo and Alero

Back to the story of Dino Melaye and Bisi Ibidapo Obe, the two involved in a messy adultery case when he’s still married to Tokunbo. While the Nollywood actress has asked for his responsibility over her pregnancy, the Senator kept lying about this relationship with his wife.


Bisi Ibidapo Obe has proved Dino Melaye is the father of her daughter

On Twitter, Mrs. Tokunbo boldly wrote: “You have a Masters degree in lying, but I have a Ph.D in detecting bullsh*t!”

Melaye’s meltdown related to women isn’t stopping there. In a Senate session discussing the need for Nigerians to patronize domestic goods, Melaye criticized Mr. Adams Oshiomhole (Edo State Governor” for “importing his wife” from Cape Verde instead of marrying a made-in-Nigeria woman.


Mr. Adams Oshiomhole got married to a beautiful foreign woman

Mr. Oshiomhole, thereafter, gave sharp response that Melaye was always in matrimonial problems as he tended to “categorise” women as items for purchase. Bravo!

6. Dino Melaye latest updates

There’s no sign this senator stops causing storms for Nigerian politics. On July 19th, 2018, Dino Melaye and his armed thugs had attacked police officers. They shot and caused serious injuries to Sgt. Danjuma Saliu as well as aimed at other personnel in 37 Police Mobile Force on Mopa road in Kogi.

The senator was then wanted by Nigerian Police for the case of Criminal Conspiracy and Attempted Culpable Homicide. However, he refused to surrender and remained in his hideout in the fear of being killed by injection.

In response, police cut off his electricity and water line to his house, which forces him to turn in earlier this month.

Also in February 2019, Dino Melaye made headlines with photos of him inside his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VIP that has stickers that read "Campaign made easy" on it.


The photo was captioned "Campaign made easy" on his Instagram

People say this man will do great things if attending Nollywood

7. Names of Nigerian senators and their constituency

For your reference, Naijauto combined here names of Nigerian senators and their constituency. Check out how many names you know!

Names of Nigerian senators and their constituency
Senator Constituency Party
Abaribe Enynnaya Abia South PDP
Theodore Orji  Abia Central PDP
Mao Ohuabunwa Abia North PDP
Philips Tanimu Aduda Abuja FCT PDP
Ahmad Abubakar Adamawa South APC
Nyako Abdul-Aziz Adamawa Central PDP
Binta Garba Adamawa North APC
Bassey Albert Akwa Ibom North-west PDP
Godswill Akpabio Akwa Ibom North-east PDP
Nelson Effiong Akwa Ibom South PDP
Uche Ekwunife Anambra Central PDP
Emmanuel Nnamdi Uba Anambra South PDP
Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi Anambra North PDP
Isah Misau Bauchi Central PDP
Suleiman Nazif Bauchi North PDP
Malam Wakili Bauchi South APC
Foster Ogola Bayelsa West PDP
Ben Murray-Bruce Bayelsa East PDP
Emmanuel Paulker Bayelsa Central PDP
David Mark Benue South PDP
George Akume Benue North-West APC
Barnabas Andyar Germade Benue North-East PDP
baba Garba Borno Central APC
Abubakar Kyari Borno North APC
Mohammed Ali Ndume Borno South APC
Gershom Bassey Cross River South PDP
Rose Okoji Oko Cross River North PDP
John Enoh Cross River Central PDP
James Manager Delta South PDP
Peter Nwaoboshi Delta North PDP
Ovie Omo-Agege Delta Central PDP
Sam Egwu Ebonyi North PDP
Sonni Ogbuoji Ebonyi South APC
Joseph Ogba Ebonyi Central PDP
Aisagbonriodion Urhoghide Edo South PDP
Ordia Clifford Edo Central PDP
Francis Alimikhena Edo North APC
Fatimat Olufunke Raji-Rasaki Ekiti Central PDP
Duro Faseyi Ekiti North PDP
Biodun Olujimi Ekiti South PDP
Utazi Chukwuka Enugu North PDP
Gilbert E. Nnaji Enugu East PDP
Ike Ekweremadu Enugu West PDP
Mohammed Danjuma Goje Gombe Central APC
Usman Bayero Nafada Gombe North PDP
Joshua Moltobok Gombe South PDP
Samuel Anyanwu Imo East PDP
Hope Uzodinma Imo West PDP
Benjamin Uwajumogu Imo North APC
Muhammad Shittu Jigawa North-East PDP
Abdullahi Gumel Jigawa North-West APC
Mohammed Sabo Jigawa South-West APC
Suleiman Hunkuyi Kadunna North PDP
Danjuma Laah Kadunna South PDP
Shehu Sani Kadunna Central APC
Jibrin Barau Kano North APC
Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya Kano South APC
Rabiu Kwankwaso Kano Central PDP
Abu Ibrahim Katsina South APC
Kurfi Umaru Katsina Central APC
Mustapha Bukar Katsina North PDP
Bala Naallah Kebbi South APC
Ahmed Ogembe Kebbi Central APC
Yahaya Abdullahi Kebbi North APC
Atia Usman Kogi East APC
Ahmed Ogembe Kogi Central PDP
Dino Melaye Kogi West PDP
Bukola Saraki Kwara Central APC
Mohammed Shaaba Lafiagi Kwara North PDP
Rafiu Ibrahim Kwara South PDP
Gbenga Bareehu Ashafa Lagos East APC
Solomon Olamilekan Adeola Lagos West APC
Oluremi Tinubu Lagos Central APC
Abdullahi Adamu Nasarawa West APC
Aruwa Gyunka Nasarawa North PDP
Suleiman Asonya Adokwe Nasarawa South PDP
David Umaru Niger East APC
Aliyu Abdullahi Niger North APC
Sani Mohammed Niger South APC
Joseph Dada Ogun West APC
Lanre Tejuosho Ogun Central PDP
Buruji Kashamu Ogun East PDP
Robert Ajayi Boroffice Ondo North APC
Omotayo Donald Ondo Central APC
Yele Omogunwa Ondo South PDP
Ademola Adeleke Osun West APC
Christopher Omoworare Babajide Osun East PDP
Olusola Adeyeye Osun Central APC
Abdulfatai Buhari Oyo North APC
Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi Oyo South PDP
Monsurat Sunmonu Oyo Central PDP
Jonah Jang Plateau North PDP
Jeremiah Useni Plateau South PDP
Joshua Dariye Plateau Central PDP
George Thompson Sekibo Rivers East PDP
Magnus Ngei Abe Rivers South APC
Osinakachukwu Ideozu Rivers West PDP
Abdullahi Ibrahim Gobir Sokoto East APC
Aliyu Wamakko Sokoto North APC
Ibrahim Abdullahi Danbaba Sokoto South PDP
Abubakar Sani Taraba North PDP
Yusuf Abubakar Yusuf Taraba Central APC
Emmanuel G.Bwacha Taraba South PDP
Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan Yobe North APC
Bukar Ibrahim Yobe East APC
Mohammed Hassan Yobe South PDP
Ahmad Rufai Sani Zamfara West PDP
Kabir Garba Marafa Zamfara Central APC
Tijjani Kaura Zamfara North APC

8. Conclusion

We do not know every detail in life of Dino Melaye, so all the judgements or comments are just personal opinion. Naijauto hopes you may keep a sober mind when reading stories related to this senator as one person may reveal different character traits at different situations.

There's only one thing we know for sure is Dino Melaye cars are truly impressive and they must cost him hundred millions of naira to acquire. To update more car collection of famous people in Nigeria as well as all over the world, please visit Celeb Car on Naijauto.com daily!

Hassana Obi
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