What is the difference between sunroof & moonroof?


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Till now, many people are still unsure how to distinguish between moonroof and sunroof is, with many going around with wrong idea. Click here to find out the difference!

One of the wrong conceptions of the major distinction between the sunroof and a moonroof is that the former is clear while the latter is tinted. If you are sharing in that thought, you need to erode it immediately. Some even believe that a sunroof usually open while a moonroof doesn’t. That is also untrue. The golden question is: What is the major difference?

The answer is simple; if you notice any paneled hole located in the roof of a vehicle, which is sunroof. Actually, moonroof is also a kind of sunroof, only with glass or Plexiglas to allow light into the car.

1. What is a Sunroof?

The sunroof is often a general term to describe any hole in the roof of a vehicle. Virtually, there are two major types of sunroof.

The first one is the inbuilt sunroof, which is commonly found in newer cars with a retractable panel right into a built space at the middle of headliner and roof of the car. You do no usually see this kind of sunroof most especially from distance due to its location. It is mostly factory equipped.

The second type of sunroof is the one that doesn’t come from the factory but privately installed. This is mostly done after you have purchased the car. By implication, you can pop it up to a tilted position or even remove it. You might have seen retractable canvas sunroof on older cars just like Renault 2CV with fun roof opening.

Technically speaking, an opening is considered to be sunroof if it allows light and air into the cabin through the hole. Though, there have been arguments over the past between the distinction between convertible top and sunroof since when both are opened, light and rain will gain access into the car. This has been the major controversy among car enthusiasts over the years.


Sunroof or moonroof is already a norm in the production of modern vehicles

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2. How popular is the sunroof?

The popularity of sunroof has been in existence for many years now. We could also trace its popularity to the prominence of convertible top which many people couldn’t afford. So, in order to enjoy similar experience with convertible cars, they took solace in less expensive open-air vehicles.

In the automotive market today, you would find so many cars with sunroof. Infact, those vehicles that don’t have are just few. You will be shocked to discover that there are even convertibles out there with sunroof, which is factory equipped.

3. What is a Moonroof?

As we said before, moonroof, in fact, is another curious design and version of sunroof with a retractable glass panel. Moonroof has been used by many car manufacturers for years now and it's not too different from sunroof. Whether you should choose a sunroof or moonroof all depends on your preference.

See the video below to learn the differences of moonroof!

Watch how a moonroof differs from a sunroof!

To end this wrong conception; moonroof is literally a version of sunroof with retractable panel made solely from glass.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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