[Video] Hyper-tuned diesel pickup truck explodes when nearing 3,000hp


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Want to see how the engine of a heavily-tuned diesel-powered pickup truck can explode when pushed beyond limits? Watch this video of a real-life incident!

Sometimes it is good to know when “too much” is too much. Yes, this simply implies that it is good to know just what limits one should push some things to.

This is usually a good rule of thumb when it comes to modifying a regular vehicle to squeeze out hyper-performance from it. A trending video that we stumbled upon recently captured a moment when the engine of a heavily-tuned diesel truck literally exploded when pushed beyond limits.


This is a photo capturing the moment when the heavily-tuned engine of a pickup truck exploded during an event in the US

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According to media reports, this incident reportedly occurred in the Ogden part of Utah, USA. It was a shocking moment during a “Dyno” event that almost everyone has not seen at all.

Reports claim that the affected truck was actually one of the top highlights that most people were particularly interested in.

As at the time of writing this report, there is yet to be any official statement that reveals the exact details of the engine powering the pickup truck when the incident occurred. However, reports claim that the truck is diesel-powered and it was heavily tuned beyond the usual limits.

Below is the viral video of the incident captured live on camera:

Video: Engine Explosion Blows Truck Apart || ViralHog

In case you are wondering just how far the truck went in terms of performance before the explosion, it churned out an insane 2,920 horsepower during the first run of the auto event. Unfortunately, the operators of the truck tried to squeeze out 3,000hp from the modified engine during the second run of the event and that led to a massive unexpected car engine explosion instead.

Even though the event is clearly meant to show off amazing or “crazy” vehicle modifications – one thing we can all learn from the incident is to know when too much is “too much” lol.

P.S: All media reports say that no one died from the incident but the truck operators did suffer minor injuries though.

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