470,000 diesel car owners file mass lawsuit against Volkswagen in Germany


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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470,000 diesel cars owners have come out en-mass to file a lawsuit against Volkswagen for emission test cheating. Find out the details below!

About 470,000 diesel cars owners have taken a legal action against German automaker, Volkswagen, demanding for compensation over emission test cheating. This is the first mass lawsuit to be witnessed in the automotive industry.

Standing in for these diesel-engine owners is VZBV, a Federation of German Consumer Organizations.

The Judge presiding over the lawsuit, Micheal Neef, announced that the suit is admissible when proceedings opened in Braunschweig Higher Regional Court.

He said,  

"A settlement is very difficult but possible, however, placing a value on the damage done to diesel owners was far from simple."

The German consumer protection group have voiced out their relief over the opening of the proceedings in the court, which Naijauto learned is located close to Volkswagen's headquarters in Wolfsburg.


Volkswagen is arguing that no customer has suffered any harm as the diesel cars were safe to be driven

The lawyer representing VZBV, Ralf Stoll said,

"I was positively surprised that the court has conducted the case very well and has given indications in our view that it could reach a judgement in our favour."

VZBV's Executive Director, Klaus Mueller stated that,

"We believe that Volkswagen deceived them and now they must face the consequences."

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Since Germany started allowing mass action lawsuits last year, this Volkswagen case is their first court proceeding. It was taken to Braunschweig court because of the large public interest it gathered. The automaker is arguing that no customer has suffered any harm as the diesel cars were safe to be driven.

Volkswagen has gone to say that many individual customers have been settled. But for the mass lawsuit, the lawyers are seeing it as not being admissible. So far, the automaker has spent $30 billion (₦10.8 trillion) while dealing with the emission scandal in Germany, the US and abroad.

While Volkswagen's former and present bosses are facing court cases, the emission scandal hasn't put the company in financial difficulty. Volkswagen has netted out €7.2 billion in the first six months. It's 8% more than what they got in 2018.

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