Delta State plans to set up 20 Computerized Vehicle Inspection Centers


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The Delta State Government is planning to set up 20 computerized Vehicle Inspection Centres to help boost the safety of motorists across the state

Delta State Government has revealed plans to set up 20 computerized Vehicle Inspection Centers to boost the safety of motorists across the state and upgrade the Vehicle Inspection Officer test done manually.


The Vehicle Inspection Centers will help to enhance the safety of motorists in the state

The Director Vehicle Inspection Department (VID), Mr. Ezonebi Oyekemeagbegha, disclosed this to newsmen on Friday in Delta.

Mr. Oyekemeagbegha stated the need to sensitize motorists on the essence of taking their vehicles to Vehicle Inspection Centers to confirm their roadworthiness.

He said,

This is to encourage members to implement the upgrade of VIO Oral test to Computer Based Test to ensure the credibility and ownership of driving licence restoration to the state.

It will assist in achieving orderly service delivery, harmonised development and revamping the economy.

Even, we the enforcement officer are not doing our best, we should insist that you must get your driver’s licence through the regular procedures.

It is not all about generating revenue for the country, but it is all about your safety, a life is more important than one billion naira

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The VIC project is part of the governor's efforts towards controlling incessant crashes in the state

Naijauto gathered the project comprises the state government's efforts towards curbing the constant road accidents on the highways.

Oyekemeagbegha said,

Accident don’t just happen, the man behind the steering contributes 60 per cent to crashes; then, the vehicle itself contributes too, when it is not road worthy.

When the tyres are expired, the brakes are not working, and you insist on managing the vehicle, it can cause crash and may lead to deaths.

Every component in a vehicle has its own purpose; the brakes and every other motor part has its purpose and has rules, those that designed it know the importance.

According to the director, every vehicle is built for safety, despite some environmental issues that may result in accidents like bad weather. In the human aspect, the causes include reckless driving, speeding, disobeying traffic rules and regulations.

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