Davido’s brother Adewale Adeleke acquires Range Rover 2019


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It comes no surprise to hear another Naija celebrity bought a new vehicle to flag out the new year. This time, it’s Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke.

Adewale Adeleke, or well-known as Chairmanhkn, is a Nigerian singer and entrepreneur. He was born in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia but migrated to Lagos State, Nigeria in 2010.

The man was born in rich, with his father, Dr. Deji Adeleke was the owner of the Pacific Energy and in 2015, he also became Executive Director in that company.  

Adewale Adeleke, himself has his own successful career. He, along with his younger brother Davido Adeleke, is the co-founder of HKN Music wherein many talented artists, namely Orezi, B. Red, and Sina Rambo received the training. He has put out the famous album Omo Baba Olowo under his label HKN Music. Despite negative reviews from critics, the album won the best R&B/Pop Album and was nominated for the Album of the Year 2013. And the company also received a nomination for the Record Label of the Year in the City People Entertainment Awards in 2014.


Davido’s brother - Adewale Adeleke

Like any other celebrities, he has a taste for cars. Recently, he has purchased a new Range Rover edition 2019 to welcome the new year. The acquisition has been announced on the Instagram page with the caption:

Everything paid 4! Blessed.

Source: Instagram account @chairmanhkn


Adewale Adeleke looks so cool next to his new vehicle

In 2015, Adewale Adeleke has bought himself another automobile from the same car brand, that was a 2015 Range Rover jeep which cost him N30 million.


The stunning Range Rover jeep has reached his garage in 2015

Besides, he also has an expensive Porsche Cayenne GTS that if you stroll around his Instagram page, you will see he pose with it a lot.


The Porsche Cayenne GTS seems to be Adewale’s pride


The businessman love to pose with it all the time

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