David Oyedepo car collection: Why he has so many luxury cars?


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It’s no secret to anyone that religion is a hugely profitable business, but it is also worth noting that almost all Pastor Oyedepo’s cars are first donated by anonymous sponsors.

1. Who is Bishop David Oyedepo?

Bishop David Oyedepo is the founder and presiding bishop of the Living Faith Church, known also as Winner's Chapel. He is also an author, public speaker, educationist, and philanthropist. His devoted members affectionately call him "papa."


Bishop David is adored by millions of followers who call him "papa", but popular opinion labels him flamboyant

The Living Faith Church is A 300 branches strong international ministry with a presence in more than 45 countries including Africa, the United Kindom, Dubai, and the USA. Bishop Oyedepo is one of the most well-known pastors in Nigeria and Africa, known for a radical faith message resulting in Christian prosperity. In 2011, Forbes pronounced him Nigeria's richest pastor and in 2018 the richest pastor on earth.  

2. David Oyedepo's net-worth

Bishop David Oyedepo is Nigeria's and the world's most affluent man of God with an estimated net worth of $150m or ₦54billion. Bishop Oyedepo was alleged to have remarked that the figure is below his true worth.

3. David Oyedepo’s cars

The presiding bishop of the Winner's Chapel has literally hundreds of cars at his disposal 24/7. This is due chiefly to the penchant of church members to donate cars anonymously to the church. From these vehicles, suitable cars are added to Bishop Oyedepo's personal fleet. 

In a large charity event that happened in 2013, it is reported that there were 700 vehicles given to the church. The donated cars were expensive models of Toyota, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and even exotic cars. David Oyedepo's garages are usually replenished after such events.

In another large donation in 2014, the church received hundreds of SUVs. Among those cars, some Toyota Land Cruiser Prado models became part of the personal fleet of the presiding bishop. However, it would appear Bishop Oyedepo does not really favor exotic cars, for instance like Pastor Chris Okotie's cars.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Some Toyota Land Cruiser Prado models donated to the church were used personally by the pastor



Bishop Oyedepo and wife arrive in Dubai in a luxury car


The man of God is very busy, as he lands in Benin here in an exotic SUV



Bishop David Oyedepo and a UN official

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4. David Oyedepo’s houses

Bishop Oyedepo lives in Canaanland, the world headquarters of the church. He and the church have buildings too numerous to count in Nigeria, London, Africa, and the USA.


Bishop David Oyedepo's Canaanland residence, above and below


Bishop David Oyedepo's home in the 530-acre Canaanland

4.1. Jets

Bishop Oyedepo and Winners Chapel have four private jets, together worth about ₦25 billion. These are:

  • Gulfstream I ($30m-$35m)
  • Gulfstream IV
  • Bombardier Challenger 604 (N664D)
  • Gulfstream V Jet



Bishop Oyedepo's jets allow him to travel at will across the world

4.2. Other assets

  • Buses worth about ₦600 million naira
  • Canaanland (530-acre property with a bakery, petrol station, universities, residential estates, and four banks)
  • Covenant University, Ota
  • Landmark University, Omu Aran
  • Crown University, Uyo
  • Secondary Schools (Faith Academy)
  • Basic or Primary schools (Kingdom Heritage Model School)
  • Dominion Publishing firm 
  • Faith Tabernacle (seating 50,000, the biggest single auditorium on earth)
  • Other Living Faith Church buildings in London, the US, and Africa
  • Canaan city (an estate housing 15,000 people)
  • Dominion Air (Aircraft maintenance)


Landmark University is one of three Universities owned by Oyedopo's ministry

5. David Oyedepo's biography

David Oyedepo was not born with a silver spoon by any means, just like many pastors in Nigeria. Through hard work and an unflinching vision, however, he became the founder as well as presiding Bishop of Africa's most successful religious organization - the Living Faith Church, and Winners Chapel International. His father was a Muslim imam, while his mother was a C&S acolyte. He is said to have gotten his Christian faith from his grandmother, who worshipped in the Anglican Commune. He was born 27th of September 1954, making him 63 years old.

David Oyedepo studied architecture in Ilorin, worked briefly for the government, then went to the University of Honolulu in the US to get his Ph.D. Later, according to him, in a vision lasting 18 hours, God called him to preach liberation to the world. This led to the founding of Living Faith international ministries. He is married to Faith Oyedepo and the couple has four children. 


Bishop David Oyedepo, the richest pastor in the world, and a family man


David Oyedepo's family consists of four children, two of whom are married

6. Source of David Oyedopo's wealth

Bishop Oyedepo is the author of 70 books, though he claims that he has not received a single Kobo from royalties for these books. It is reported that circulation for his books is in the four million copies range. "Born to Win," "Keys to Answered Prayer," and "The Hidden Covenant of Blessing," are some of these books. He is also a public speaker and owner of numerous businesses, schools, and a water bottling company. 

7. Scandals

Many scandals have dogged both Bishop Oyedepo and the Winner's Chapel Church. The major one, however, was the slapping incident some time ago of one Miss Justice, a self-proclaimed witch. A video on youtube showed someone that looked like Bishop Oyedepo slapping the young lady. Subsequently, the case went to court with the lady's lawyers asking for 2₦billion in damages and a public apology. A judge this year threw out the case and ordered the supposed lawyer to the lady Mr. Igbinedion to pay Bishop Oyedepo ₦20,000, citing that Miss Justice had not appeared in court.

7.1. Quotes of Bishop Oyedepo

These are some of Bishop Oyodepo's more (in)famous quotes:

"We now buy buses like loaves of bread… Many of you will soon be building houses like loaves of bread,”

“Some fellow said I was worth $150 million, I said that’s an insult. $150 million? That’s an insult. I’m worth Philippians 4:19”

The scriptural quote in fact says: 

"And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus"

Many church members have cleared the air to interpret this as meaning God is Bishop Oyedepo's provider and his true worth.

8. Conclusion

Do you think the pastor deserves to live like he does, or you are persuaded he is too flashy for a cleric?

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