David Beckham admits to using his phone while driving Bentley


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When you become a celebrity, all eyes will be on you. Beckham can't help but admit the charge against him. Read details of the news now.

When you are a celebrity, your everyday life goes under public surveillance. That was exactly what happened to retired English professional footballer, David Beckham. Naijauto.com is bringing the details to you on this news article. Read on.

David Beckham confessed to the police, admitting that he was using his mobile phone while driving his Bentley car in London. This was reported by the police on Monday. The retired England footballer was arraigned after a report was brought to the attention of the police by an anonymous person who sighted 43-year-old Beckham driving while using his mobile phone.


The retired English captain was once charged with overspeeding

According to a police report, the ex-Real Madrid and Manchester United player was seen behind the wheels of his 2018 Bentley while making use of his mobile device on November 21.
As the role model he was, Beckham was accused two months earlier, of evading his responsibility when he avoided a prosecution against him for over speeding due to a technicality. And hiring the services of Nick Freeman, a celebrity lawyer nicknamed "Mr. Loophole", Beckham agreed that he actually drove for 59 miles per hour (95km) in a zone that is driven at 40 miles per hour, west London. This happened last year January.

However, no further action was taken against Beckham because there was no notice of intended prosecution (NIP), and it came a day later when the 14 day period has elapsed.

It was this incident that leads Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake, a road safety charity organization, to say it was a big disappointment seeing a role model like Beckham evade his responsibility by knocking off a speeding prosecution.


Run to escape paparazzi is a common excuse from this celebrity!

Court staff said another NIP has been sent to Beckham over this current incident, followed by a charge on February 5. In Britain, it's illegal to use a hand-held mobile device while driving.

The court hearing of the incident will be done in Bromley court, London. Beckham isn't likely to attend it and no press and public will be allowed. It will be an administrative hearing and a magistrate may end up enforcing points or a fine.

The celebrity lawyer has also at one time in 1999, helped Beckham to reverse a driving ban (8 months), claiming that the retired footballer drove off in speed to escape a celebrity photographer.

A celebrity like Beckham has no hiding place

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