Dangote truck falls on the highway - causes massive traffic at Ikate!


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The Dangote refinery under construction at the Lekki Free Trade Zone might have contributed to these increased spates of fallen trucks causing traffic. Check pictures here!

Lagos! The centre of Excellence is known to hold such a massive population of different individuals, coming from different states and sometimes even neighbouring countries, to come to find a means of livelihood for themselves. It is not uncommon to find commercial activities going on till very late at night in this city. Naijauto feels this is the reason it is sometimes referred to the city that does not sleep.


Too tired, both driver and tanker want some sleep!

The hustle in Lagos is real and the bustle is evident on the roads of Lagos, where all sorts of commercial vehicles are known to ply. Big, small, corporate and individual-owned vehicles most especially the trucks and the trailers participate in this bustle. No wonder the traffic level is always high where everyone on the road is typically trying to manoeuvre their way through traffic that is in some cases caused by a lack of patience on the road.

This was the case as a tanker belonging to Dangote group fell on the highway causing serious traffic in the process.


The fallen Dangote truck with other motorists manouevering their way around it!

The men of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) on the ground to control the traffic reported that the loaded truck belonging to Dangote group fell on the Lekki-Epe Expressway, towards the Ajah-bound Ikate axis. The good news, however, is that no lives were lost and the traffic has been successfully managed with other vehicles finding their way around the tumbled articulated vehicle in a patient manner.

It is noteworthy that the spate of these trucks falling and causing traffic on the Lekki-Epe express road is not uncommon. Trucks belonging to the Dangote group have been found culpable of these incidences in recent times. One is forced to think that the Dangote refinery under construction at the Lekki Free Trade Zone might have contributed in no small way to these occurrences.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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