Only in Lagos! Danfo bus driver spotted using shower head as gear stick!


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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How creative are you when it comes to improvisation? Check out a danfo driver's definition of creativity as he used a shower head to replace his damaged gear head!

Lagos is the center of excellence in Nigeria and also a busy city, with one of the highest influx of people in Nigeria. The state is known to have an issue with traffic congestion on a daily basis which sees its residents spending an average of 4-6 hours in traffic.

With all this drama going on, residents have gotten used to the system and it hasn't stopped them from going about their daily activities, catching fun and deploying their creativity to make ends meet.

And speaking of creativity, a Lagos danfo driver has exhibited the creative side of him in the name of improvisation by using the head of a shower as a replacement for the gear head of his commercial bus that got damaged.

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Now, you've seen a replacement for your gear stick if you happen to see yourself in this driver's position

A Twitter user with the handle @tobinscoswag, who boarded his bus, shared the photos of the danfo driver shifting the shower head, which has replaced the gear stick and as Naijauto is reporting this news to you, it has gone viral on all social media platforms.

The Twitter user shared the funny and disbelieving photos with the inscription "Many are mad, few are driving danfo in Lagos."

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See the danfo driver using shower head as gear stick, as tweeted by a passenger with the handle @tobinscoswag

Let's see the reaction of some Nigerians on Twitter


Weird stuff can't help but be seen in a Lagos danfo bus

And according to Tobinsco, the danfo driver said it's his own version of a customized gear stick.

As long as the head of the shower does what a gear stick can do, the danfo bus is good to go!

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