Dana Air adds extra low-fares flights on Lagos – Abuja route


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Dana Air responds to customer demand and adds additional flight times to popular Lagos-Abuja-Lagos route, and you save money too! Read about it here.

Dana Air reinforces its Lagos to Abuja to Lagos flight strategy with the addition of extra options as from the 18th of March, 2019. Kingsley Ezenwa, Dana Air’s Media and Communications chief announced this new schedule of flights that would include:    


10 daily flights on the Lagos-Abuja-Lagos 2-way route means the right time for everyone

Dana Air low-fare flight schedule
Lagos - Abuja departure time Abuja - Lagos departure time

6.48 a.m

10.08 a.m

12.15 p.m

13.44 p.m

17.10 p.m

8.28 a.m

10.35 a.m

12.06 p.m

15.30 p.m  

18.50 p.m

Says K. Ezenwa, ‘’We are pleased to announce that we have introduced additional flights on our Lagos- Abuja –Lagos routes to provide more options, comfort and affordable fares for our teeming guests.”

Typical-Dana-Air- cabin-and-flight-crew

Dana Air advises guests to take advantage of promos

Dana Air says the initiative is in response to increased requests from passengers for flights at certain hours. Dana is also adapting by this policy to pressure on existing schedules on the in-demand routes. Flights are better pre-booked, advised the airline, through their website www.flydanaair.com. Guests will also get best fares for booking online.

In addition the airline has also announced a couple of promos.  

  • 100% bonus miles promo
  • The reward promo, which allows Passengers to buy 4 tickets at normal price and the fifth at N5,000. The initiative is in partnership with MMA2.


Dana wants flight time to be affordable to guests

Dana guests should make judicious use of these promotions; thereby saving on ticket fares and making full use of their flyer miles.

Dana Air has distinguished itself in the local aviation sector especially in regards to on-time arrivals and departures.

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Joshua-Philip Okeafor
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