Suspected Cyberattack halts production at Honda factories


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Vehicle production is currently on hold at all of Honda’s factories in North America due to a suspected massive Cyberattack targeted at the automaker. Read more!

There are new reports that a suspected ransomware Cyberattack has led to the recent suspension of all production activities at Honda factories in North America. The Japanese multinational auto company is currently dealing with a global disruption in its computer networks which has made it place all production work on hold at every one of its plants in the United States.


Suspected Cyberattacks lead to the halt of production work at various Honda factories especially in the U.S

The sales arm of Honda Motors in the U.S states that the current issue being faced by the American plants could be just one part of a much bigger and intentional Cyberattack. However, the automaker has refused to provide further details or information about the attack and which plants or operations were more affected than others. The company is currently carrying out further investigations on the disruption but has not yet ruled out concerns that the cyberattack could be mainly targeted at the company’s global computer network directly.

The popular British media outlet, Sky News reports that this recent cyberattack is also affecting the automaker’s computer network in Europe and Japan as well. The media outlet is even beginning to suspect this might be another case of a ransomware attack – meaning a situation whereby hackers would break into restricted systems of a corporation and hold the company hostage till a ransom is paid. Yes, this has happened before. Back in 2017, Honda was, unfortunately, one of the multinational corporations that got targeted by a global ransomware Cyberattack codenamed “WannaCry”.

Check out the below press video from 2017 reporting about the global ransomware that really hit hard;

  Cyber Security Experts Tackle Global Ransomware Attack

Some other popular corporations affected by the 2017 “WannaCry” ransomware attack includes O2, Petrobras, Boeing, Dacia, and many more. While awaiting official statements from Honda, we recommend you also read up our list of 10 amazing things you probably do not know about Honda.

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