Customs impound 283 vehicles in mass seizures


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The Nigeria Customs Service has seized 283 vehicles over the violation of import regulations. The seizures were mainly from 3 states. Check them out!

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has embarked on a mass seizure of imported used vehicles that violate stipulated regulations – seizing no fewer than 283 vehicles in various states across the nation.


Customs regulate the importation and exportation of vehicles in the country

According to the foreign trade statistics, Nigerians spent 509.8 billion on used vehicle importation from January through September 2019. These vehicles, popularly referred to as Tokunbo, are imported from countries including the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Belgium, and Italy.

The data show that vehicles worth 148.28bn were imported in the first quarter of last year, 2019. Among the countries listed above, the United States takes the lead with the importation of vehicles valued at 90.8bn. The 58 billion balance was gotten from the other countries.

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Despite the huge numbers recorded from vehicle importation, importers find illegal ways to boycott necessary payments to the authorities. The number of vehicles being imported into the country is believed to increase this year, but importers would have to go through the bureaucracy obtainable at the customs office. The manual system is rigorous, making it a daunting process. People are not able to process their products by themselves; they have to go through agents to have it done. Individuals who are able to handle the process themselves still need the assistance of agents.


Vehicles lacking proper documentation can be seized by Customs

According to a secular released by the NCS, its officials embarked on an operation, seizing about 283 vehicles. Speaking about the operation, the Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali (Rtd), stated that, out of the total number of vehicles, 135 were seized in Lagos, 93 were seized in Kaduna and 37 were seized in Port Harcourt.

“Anything seized or detained under the customs and excise laws shall forthwith be delivered into the care of the Board and, subject to the provisions of the Third Schedule to this Act, shall, pending the determination as to its forfeiture or disposal, be dealt with, and, if condemned or deemed to have been condemned as forfeited, shall be disposed of, in such manner as the Board may direct.”

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