Customs: 90% of cars in the country were smuggled in!


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Customs officers will seize your vehicle if you are a smuggler, or make you pay for the duty if you are an innocent buyer!

The Nigerian Customs Service Boss, Col. Hameed Ali (Rtd) has said that 90% of the vehicles present in the country were illegally brought into the country by crooks.


Col. Hameed Ali makes the shocking statement about cars smuggling

The Comptroller-General made this known on Thursday in Abuja while addressing the media. He claimed that many of the cars put up for sale at car dealer shops nationwide were also smuggled in.

Ali pointed out that the recent raiding of several car dealers shops was carried out to find out if the vehicles put up for sale were legally brought in.

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Reports gathered by Naijauto say the country is in dire need of revenue for development so they need to collect import duties on the vehicles smuggled into the country.

He said,     

We want to use this opportunity to ensure that cars within our borders are fully customised, which means duties are paid on them”, NAN quoted him as saying.

We are looking for revenue from everywhere and we have these people who brought in vehicles and failed to pay duties.

What we are doing now, we are just enforcing the law, which allows us to collect revenue on behalf of Nigeria and also ensure those vehicles you and I will go and buy have genuine papers that are roadworthy.

If you meet our officers on the road and they ask for the papers, if they discover you have not paid your duties, they will seize the vehicles.

We are doing all these to save car buyers from running into trouble                                                                  

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Col.Ali went further to say that the agency will keep mounting roadblocks to stop cars and make sure car owners paid import duties on the cars.


The agency will keep mounting roadblocks to stop cars and ask for the car papers

He stated,

The law allows us to stop you and ask for the car papers, if your papers are intact, we thank you and bless you, if it is otherwise, we will ask you to pay the duties

If we find out you are not a smuggler, you are just an innocent buyer, we will value the car and ask you to pay the required duties on the car and you will be freed

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