See this custom built 1969 Toyota Corolla powered by a V8 Lexus secret


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You wouldn’t imagine a 416hp Lexus V8 engine inside of a vintage 1969 Toyota Corolla, would you? Well, we found one in real life, check it out here!

The love for vintage cars sometimes pushes people to do whatever it takes just to revive a dying model that is probably lying redundant in their backyard. We are not really sure if this is also the story behind the powerful V8 Lexus engine fixed inside a 1969 Toyota Corolla that we recently stumbled upon online. It was really exhilarating to see this custom modification though.


This is a vintage 1969 Toyota Corolla but with a powerful V8 engine from modern-day Lexus

In the history of Toyota Corolla, which is currently in its 11th generation, this 1969 model dates back to the very first generation that covers the 1966 to 1970 model year. That alone explains how thrilling it would feel to drive such an old model in this modern age not to talk of adding a V8 engine to power it.

A closer look at this modified car should make any car enthusiast suspect it had some modern touches to it. Firstly, the fender flares are wide and make the car look more muscular than the original. Also, the entire car now looks much longer and wider than the factory size we know of. And the biggest giveaway is the interior of this revived car because it packs features that were a dream back in its model year. Yes, features like sporty seats, Lexus infotainment system, and a push-start button. Funny, right? We know!


This 1969 Toyota Corolla IS F V8 is a vintage car revived with the touch of modern car tech

To crown all of the modern touches made to the above vintage car, the Modder added the powerful V8 engine of a modern-day 2010 Lexus IS F. So, we could probably say the official name of this modified car is now “1969 Toyota Corolla IS F V8”, right? Lol.

The video below tells more about the story of this 1969 Toyota Corolla powered by a Lexus V8 engine;

  This 1969 Toyota Corolla is a V-8 Lexus IS-F in vintage clothes

Luckily, we are no more in 1969 and you don’t need to spend huge money on any crazy modifications to enjoy a smooth ride anymore.

Speaking of crazy car modifications, we recollect from 2 years back a sad story of how a ₦108,000 ($275) salvaged Toyota Corolla became neat and sold for ₦2.2million in Nigeria. Almost anything is possible these days and that’s why we advise people to exercise caution when buying new cars. We currently have huge listings of Toyota Corolla for sale in Nigeria from reputable car dealers.

As a matter of fact, a lot of people are currently searching for Toyota Corolla 2005 prices in Nigeria because it is currently more affordable and not too old compared to the latest models.

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