Cruise ship stranded off coast of Norway with 1300 passengers and crew


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Shock and unbelief followed the breaking story of this mammoth of the sea stranded off Norway's coast, marooning more than 1000 passengers and crew!

A cruise ship sailing from Norway’s Arctic north to the southern city of Stavanger is in distress as it is stranded off the coast of Europe. It is carrying an estimated 1300 passengers and crew.

“Viking Sky” had an engine break down along Norway’s shoreline has since struggled to maintain its position in the ice encrusted coast of Western Europe. The cruise ship was forced to broadcast a mayday call on the afternoon of Saturday 23rd March, fully detailing their precarious situation.


Stranded Norway cruise ship passengers evacuated from MV Viking Sky

The passenger on the cruise were on board with the exciting prospects of a tantalizing cruise along Norwegian waters, only for the situation to turn south on them.

During the terrifying moments when the ship was struggling to maintain a stability, a passenger in the ship shared a video on her Twitter page, taken aboard the vessel. In the video it can be seen how a large potted plant and furniture on deck is being rocked and tossed about the deck. 

Few minutes after the distress call from the ship, the Norway Joint Rescue Coordination Center intervened by sending five helicopters. The choppers first rescued those with disabilities and those with injuries first. The helicopters were able to rescue about 500 passengers leaving about 800 people on board. This was because the helicopters could only carry about 10-15 people at one time.


Tug boats rescue the stranded cruise ship

On-shore rescue boats were meant to assist in the rescue mission but were having a hard time reaching the ship’s location because of the rough water and the waves.

At about 7.40pm on Sunday 24th, the ship was able to regain some power and was towed by a tugboat and 2 supply ships, with 800 people still on board.

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Stranded Norway cruise ship passengers evacuated from MV Viking Sky

The owner company of the vessel reported that about 20 people were injured and are all receiving treatment in medical centers in Norway.

Some of the passengers expressed how frightening the entire incident was, and how the waves kept tossing people around inside the ship during the harrowing episode. An experienced fisherman, Horgen expressed his feelings of uncertainty:

“I did not have a lot of hope. I knew how cold that water was and where we were and the waves and everything. You would not last very long, that was very, very frightening.”  

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