See the moment Cristiano Ronaldo hilariously requested for Bugatti from Mayweather


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The Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo recently asked his American boxing friend Mayweather to gift him Bugatti, one of the expensive cars in his garage.

One of the most intriguing stories you will find on the Internet this week is the moment Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo jokingly asked Floyd Mayweather to give him a Bugatti, which apparently is one of the many exotic supercars in his collection.

Mayweather-Bugatti car

Floyd Mayweather owns one of the most jaw-dropping car collections in the world

This news came as a surprise to many considering the number of super-expensive cars in the Portuguese football star's car collection. Just like Floyd Mayweather, CR7 as fondly called is also a big fan of beautiful and fast cars. He was rumoured to have purchased the one-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire, which is the world's most expensive car.

There have been several calls for Floyd Mayweather to make a return to his boxing career since he announced his retirement in May. So far, we haven’t seen any public declaration confirming whether he will return to the boxing stage or not.


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The American boxing champion, Mayweather, is known to flaunt his expensive car collection whenever at any chance to do so. Aside the array of cars in his garage, he is said to own a private jet and several luxury mansions across the United States.

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Not too long ago, the 43-year-old retired boxer took to his Instagram page, asking his million fans for advice on what he should drive on a Friday night. This came shortly after taking them on a tour of some of the Bugattis and other mouthwatering models in his garage. Surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo commented on the post, asking Mayweather to gift him one of his Bugattis.


Cristiano Ronaldo might be joking after all, considering the number of supercars he owns

The duo - Floyd Mayweather and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the list of the richest and  most successful athletes on the planet. Ronaldo is presently in self-isolation after being tested positive to coronavirus during the international break, he has returned to his club based in Turin.

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