Apapa gridlock: Crime, drug and sex trades rule


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Traffic gridlock around Apapa ports is a thorn in the flesh. The once enviable city has become a shadow of itself. You won't believe how bad it is. Find out!

The condition of roads around Apapa ports is of great concern to stakeholders. The once enviable city has become a shadow of itself. Various vices including crime, sex trades, extortion, drug peddling and refuse dumping have become a norm in the traffic bound area of Lagos State. Revered as the gateway to Nigeria’s economy back in the day, the choice area for expatriates looks nothing like what it used to be.



There are so many trucks blocking the road, it's impossible to pass

Findings by Naijauto revealed that the traffic gridlock in the axis is mostly responsible for the vices the area has become infamous for. With most roads leading to Apapa Warf and Tin Can Island blocked, there is no room for coordinated movements. 

Refuse heaps linger around, polluting the environment and endangering lives. Before now, staff of the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) used to get rid of the waste, but the gridlock has made it impossible for them to gain access into the area.

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Apapa ports residents are feeling the brunt the most. Unlike motorists who drive past, they have to constantly deal with the discomfort. Those who can no longer endure it are moving out. Economic activities in the area are suffering as businesses no longer receive patronage like they used to – no thanks to the road blockage restricting access to outsiders. Businesses in the affected locations are relocating before they would collapse like some of their counterparts.



There's hardly access to go pack the refuse, so it's left to stink.

According to reports, a pregnant woman allegedly died in labor at Akogun street in Olodi Apapa. She needed urgent medical attention, but her husband was unable to get through the traffic gridlock fast enough. A resident of Akogun street, Salisu Olatunji, recounted the incident, saying:

“The premature death of a woman who died in labor due to lack of access roads to get her to the hospital on time hurts. It is a situation that no one wants to witness again, because the only access road that links to everywhere around this area is Alhaji Kareem Street which has now been blocked also.”

Truck drivers and auto dealers are also feeling the heat as their patronage has greatly reduced.

Hoodlums are taking advantage of the situation to attack and steal from unsuspecting motorists. Some drivers lamented that the modus operandi of the hoodlums was to cut people’s pockets with a razor blade, and make away with their money, phone and other valuables.

Residents are appealing to the government to intervene. They are afraid that the continuous indiscriminate dumping of waste in the area may lead to an epidemic outbreak.

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