Crashed Boeing 737 MAX 8 - Check out 2 missing safety features that are sold as extras


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By all indications via this intensive report, the Boeing 737 MAX might not have crashed if purchased the two safety features that are sold as extras. Read more!

One of the hottest trending news is on the recently crashed Boeing 737 MAX 8 that belonged to the Ethiopian airline. This led to total loss of 157 lives of the entire passengers onboard. Ever since then, series of safety investigations have been carried out on what caused the mishap and several tests have been run on airlines running on similar aircraft model. As part of the enquiry, it was discovered that the crashed aircraft lacked two safety features that are sold separately as extras.

In a recent report from the New York Times, it was made known that the US aircraft company, Boeing, usually offer two essential features to airlines as extras that would have been able to detect the safety issue with the 737 MAX 8 crash that resulted to catastrophic loss of lives.


Due to the recent air mishap, Boeing is making the two extra safety features, a standard for all planes

It was also discovered that the extra sensors will be able to effectively cater for data retrieved from the plane’s sensor. Consequently, this could have informed the pilot on potential danger. This means, the Boeing Company has now made a standard as part of safety precautions for those 737 MAX 8 planes that would be on air soon.

Some 737 MAX 8 jet safety features not included on stock planes

The new software used on airplanes work with these extra safety features. Readings would be taken by the software from “angle of attack” sensor. This indicates the rate at which the nose of the plane is pointing downward or upward to the oncoming air. The software has the ability to correct any potential risky angle by putting the plane back on the course as against stalling.

According to report from the investigation, it is confirmed that the data collected through the sensor, if faulty, will cause system malfunction with the software.

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