COVID-19: Volkswagen begins production of hospital ventilators to combat virus


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Volkswagen has started the production of hospital ventilators to combat COVID-19, following pleas by governments for automakers to come to the rescue!

Government officials and medical experts are seeking new ways to control the COVID-19 as it continues to spread across the globe. Part of these measures is the projected use of hospital ventilators.


There's a shortage of hospital ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients

Countries like the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK) have since called on automakers to manufacture ventilators for this purpose. Volkswagen is one of the first car manufacturers to heed the call. According to the German automaker, all hands are on deck to ensure that it produces 3D-enabled hospital ventilators that will be effective in the treatment of infected persons.

A press release by the auto giant stated that, although the production of medical equipment was new territory for them, they were working towards getting a hang of it. Developing a blueprint is one of the first things needed. As soon as that is completed, the actual production will commence.

Speaking further, a Volkswagen spokesperson disclosed that the project was being executed in collaboration with Skoda – its sister company which does a lot of work in 3D printing. With over 125 3D printers under its belt, it said that the company was working closely with the authorities to achieve the best outcomes.

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The sports brand of Volkswagen, Porsche, has also indicated an interest in rendering humanitarian aid to combat the virus. This was made known by Oliver Blume, the company’s CEO.

Other automakers enlisted by various governments to produce hospital ventilators include Nissan, Ford, Ferrari, and General Motors.

Industry experts emphasize the need for governments of various countries to have a coordinated action in order to win the battle against COVID-19. Meanwhile, do you know everything you ought to know about the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as a car user?

Automakers are willing to build hospital ventilators in the fight against the COVID-19. Watch the video:

New measures against COVID-19
There are also ways to get rid of infections like Coronavirus in your car. Check them out to be safe!

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