COVID-19: Texas church conducts in-car Sunday service, uses car horns for amen


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A Church in Texas conducted an in-car Sunday service as a way to curb the spread of coronavirus. Talk about inspired innovation!

The coronavirus pandemic has driven many countries to enforce a stay at home order as a way to curb the spread. This implies that folks won't be going to work, shopping mall, school and even attending Sunday church services! 

As COVID-19 cases keep escalating, a lot of churches try to ensure services go on. While some resorted to online live streaming, a church in Southeast Texas got creative and found a new way to conduct Sunday church services following an emergency order in the US canceling gatherings that'll pull more than 10 people.


Church members sat in their cars to listen to the Sunday sermon in a bid to stay safe!

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First Baptist Church, Silsbee Texas erected an outdoor stage to hold their Sunday service while members sat inside their car and listened to the sermon to stay safe.

As gathered by Naijauto, the church’s car parking lot had about 100 cars parked side to side on Sunday morning, March 22, as their Reverend Dr.Mark Carpenter preached the Sunday sermon.

The church members were said to have tuned their car radios to an FM low-power radio signal to hear the preacher. And instead of the traditional amen which is always echoed in the church, car horns were honked from the church's parking lot.

A similar scenario was also reported to have taken place at another church in Port Arthur, United Methodist Temple. Car horns were equally used to fill the void of Amen.


USA coronavirus update as at the time of this report

The coronavirus has affected every activity across the globe and right now people are trying to stay safe by keeping away from any social gathering as a preventive measure. The virus which is transmitted from person to person has infected about 392,508 persons globally as of 24 March 2020. Nigeria's confirmed infected cases have also risen from 12 to 46 within one week, and the Coronavirus now threatens Nigeria's automotive industry China's automakers are making progress though by making a Chinese Coronavirus resistant car.

 Stay safe folks!

Here's a video showing how the virus is being managed in the country.

Social distancing has a major role to play in the curbing of the spread!

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