COVID-19: Panic-buying in Nigeria and nearest shops for stock buying


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Due to COVID-19 lockdown, panic-buying in Nigeria has begun. What are the nearest shops for stock buying in Lagos, and Abuja, Nigeria?

It’s no longer news that, like much of the world, Nigeria is firmly embroiled in the Coronavirus crises. Nigeria has had a relatively softer side of the rampaging disease since, as of 30th March, 2020, the country is counting 111 confirmed cases and two deaths, 32 days after the first confirmed case on 27th February 2020. Many in the country have since attributed this near miracle to the mercies of God.


The Coronavirus is impacting the world very severely 

The government of Nigeria, after an initial slackness, jumped to it, quickly banning all international flights from Nigeria’s five operational international airports, advising citizens and residents to minimize movements and to observe social distancing. States across the country augmented this by enforcing various degrees of restrictions on movement, commerce, as well as inter and intra-state travel.

Comparing Nigeria’s case with those of countries like Italy or Spain easily shows a marked difference. Italy’s 97,689 Covid-19 cases and 10,781 deaths or Spain’s 78,797 cases and 6,528 deaths demonstrate the horrors the virus can unleash if left unchecked. However, there's one common thing: Panic buying in Nigeria happens just like it happens in other countries too.

1. Panic buying in Nigeria

This pronouncement in states like Lagos and Ekiti caused a stampede to the shops and market as people attempted to stock up for the long lockdown ahead.

On the 29th of March, in a widely anticipated broadcast, President Buhari wielded the big stick, locking down Abuja FCT, Lagos, and neighboring Ogun state from 11 pm on Monday, 30th March. Naturally, this also has led to increased panic buying of fuel, commodities, food, goods, and other household items. The lockdown is for an initial two weeks.  


As governments close markets, panic buying has spread in Nigeria

1.1. What is panic buying

Panic buying occurs when, due to a perceived future scarcity of a particular commodity or general goods, consumers break normal purchasing patterns and buy in large volumes in anticipation of scarcity. However, rarely do these goods go out of stock, except in a famine.

1.2. Panic buying of fuel

Although vehicular and pedestrian movements have been restricted in Nigeria for the past week, and will cease entirely in the states affected by the Presidential lockdown for two weeks, panic buying of fuel is ongoing currently.

Petrol bought this time, is not purely for cars and other vehicles but is mostly for electric generators. Nigeria’s power supply is epileptic at best, and with the lockdown looming, households want to make sure they can power their homes with generators in the event of power outages.

The lowering of the pump price of fuel from ₦145 to ₦125 has made the commodity more affordable, leading to increased purchase of the product. Panic buying of fuel is, however, not as bad as for foods and other essentials.  

2. Nearest shops near you and how to get there to buy stock

Nigerian markets have suffered partial to total shutdowns since the Coronavirus eradication measures began. Last week, Lagos state announced the closure of all but markets and shops selling food, pharmaceuticals, and fuel. Car auto-marts and other car dealerships were also hit by this.

To mitigate the effects the government of Lagos established 25 “makeshift markets” in selected schools throughout the state. These new markets are to hold thrice weekly. Located in communities, they allow safe shopping while observing social distancing.

With the fresh Presidential lockdown, at first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much of an expectation that the makeshift markets will continue. Although the President’s broadcast allowed onward operations and distributions of medical, food processing, petroleum, and other resources, there was the downer that these would have access to the 'restricted and monitored.'

For now, until 11 PM in Lagos Abuja and Ogun state, you can still have access to shops in the following markets:

2.1. Lagos markets still open

  • Sabo Market Ikorodu
  • Mile 12 International Market, Ikorodu Road, Lagos

Mile 12 International Market, Ikorodu Road, Lagos

  • Mushin Market, Mushin
  • Balogun Market, Lagos Island
  • Oyingbo Market, Yaba

If you asking “where are the nearest shops to me in Lagos?” That could be shops and kiosks located right within your neighborhood. During the lockdown though, it is not at this time certain if neighborhood shops will continue to remain open.


The market on a normal day

2.2. Nearest shops and malls in Lagos

You might also be wondering: which is the nearest shopping mall to me in Lagos? Well, Lagos does have a number of good shopping malls and big shops depending on which area of Lagos you live in. If you are in Lagos state and are affected by the lockdown, you might not be able to visit these from 11 PM tonight.

However, if you are not in Lagos Abuja, you can access some of the ones in your area by private car, taxi, or public transport. Be careful about how you use public transportation during the Corona pandemic to avoid contamination. Some shops and malls in Lagos are:

  • Ikeja City Mall (Shoprite), Ikeja
  • Novare Lekki Mall (Shoprite), Lekki
  • Palms Shopping Mall (Shoprite), Lekki
  • Festival Mall (Shoprite), Festac
  • Circle Mall (Shoprite) Lekki
  • Megacity mall, V.I. Lagos
  • Silverbird Galeria, V.I. Lagos
  • The City mall, Lagos Island
  • Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall, Surulere
  • Maryland mall, maryland, Ikeja

Maryland mall, maryland, Ikeja

2.3. Nearest shops and malls  in Abuja

  • Jabi Lake Mall (Shoprite )
  • Ceddi Plaza (Silverbird, Park n’Shop)
  • Next Supermarket/ Open

Next cash and carry Supermarket Abuja

  • Sahad Stores
  • Silverbird Entertainment Centre (Shoprite, Silverbird)
  • Dunes
  • Grand Towers Abuja mall 

2.4. Nearest shops and malls in Port Harcourt

  • Port Harcourt Mall (Park n’ shop)/ Port Harcourt, Rivers
  • Next Supermarket, Portharcourt

2.5. Nearest shops and malls in other states

  • Tinapa shopping center /Calabar, Cross River
  • Ado Bayero Mall/ Kano, Kano
  • Polo Park mall/ Enugu, Enugu
  • Ibadan Mall/ Ibadan, Oyo
  • Delta City Mall/ Effurun, Delta

Delta City Mall in Effurun, Delta

  • Benin city mall/ Benin, Edo
  • Onitsha Mall/ Onitsha, Anambra
  • Abia Mall/ Umuahia, Abia

3. How to avoid panic buying by shopping online

Do you know you can bypass the whole panic buying stress by shopping online? The forced stay-at-home measure all over the world has led to an incredible upsurge in online purchases worldwide. Online buying of cars, clothing, and food allows the buyer to remain safe from contact, and prevent the spread of the virus.

Despite the hassles of the coronavirus, life has to go on, and that could mean work, business, and making purchases, like buying a car during the Corona pandemic, as well as other things. You can buy cars online in Nigeria from and other top online car sites. You can buy food and other household items from Jumia, Konga and many other online stores. For instance Jumia Foods will have food delivered right to your doorstep. That way you stay safe and fed as well.  

naijauto-site is a top auto destination online where you can buy your new and used vehicles

4. Conclusion

Disasters like COVID-19 come once in a century or even a millennium. This particular crisis has impacted on all industries including aviation, tourism, world automobiles, especially the automotive industry in Europe, and all business in general. Nigeria's automotive industry did not escape the Coronavirus threat either. 

Knowing his Lagosians, Gov Sanwo-Olu warns about panic buying in this video:

Coronavirus: Governor Sanwo-Olu warns against panic buying

One hopes that the current measures being put in place by governments in Nigeria and all over the world will quell the Coronavirus pandemic. Many fear that an economic crisis may ensue in the aftermath of the pandemic. As we hope for the best, keep your car coronovirus infection free as well as your home, and stay safe.

*Special note: Resist going out in this sensitive period to keep you and your community safe. Also note that panic buying in Nigeria might be a bad factor that breaks down the country's prevention too as it is a source to spread the disease quickly.

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