COVID-19: See the viral video that captured moment when hunger-struck residents raided truck conveying rice in Abuja


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COVID-19 lockdown turns sour as hunger-struck Abuja residents go violent on truck conveying rice in a viral video. The story and the video are here!

The ugly side of the current presidential COVID-19 lockdown is starting to show face little by little. A few days back, we published a post containing the video of one Abuja Taxi driver who stripped naked when his car was impounded for violating lockdown order. The man clearly said in the video that hunger led him to ignore the lockdown order because he needs to fend for his family.

Now, we have gotten a new report and a video showing a set of hunger-struck Abuja residents raiding a moving truck that was conveying rice in broad daylight.


Hunger-struck Abuja residents raid a moving truck conveying rice as they struggle to do away with at least one bag

Many psychologists and philosophers have warned the government all around the world that “hunger” amidst lockdowns could become more deadly than the Coronavirus itself. Unfortunately, the government of Nigeria, despite controversial palliatives, seems not to have done enough to ease the pains of the masses. Now things could be getting out of hand.

Below is the video that captured the moment when hungry residents almost caused a human stampede as they struggle to steal bags of rice from a moving truck in Abuja;

Hungry Abuja residents steal rice from a moving truck.

Should this be counted as lawlessness or as a repercussion of a failing government system?

The federal government has successfully imposed a compulsory total lockdown of stores, markets, offices and vehicular movement for more than 2 weeks now in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun states. However, the same government is yet to find the best means to share palliatives to poor and hungry residents of these cities till now.

We do hope that something is done quickly to avoid a situation where both good and bad citizens begin to cause chaos and anarchy with the excuse of being “hunger-struck” due to COVID-19 lockdown.

Hunger kills faster than COVID-19 virus!

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