COVID-19: MG offers UK healthcare workers 100 electric vehicles to fight virus


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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MG has donated 100 electric vehicles to UK healthcare workers to help them fight COVID-19. The automaker appreciates their heroic efforts in the crisis!

The world is united more than ever in its battle against the infamous COVID-19 pandemic. In this light, British automaker MG is pledging its support by donating no fewer than 100 electric vehicles to healthcare workers in the UK to help them fight the infectious disease.


The MG ZS electric vehicle is a crossover with a seating capacity of five persons

Recognizing the weight the coronavirus has placed on the shoulder of the UK healthcare system, the automaker is offering some relief with the 100 ZS electric vehicles donated to the National Health Service (NHS) bodies across the country.

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Following movement restrictions placed by the government of the United Kingdom, normal transportation operations have been disrupted. The vehicles are meant to help the NHS workers with their commute as they offer services toward curbing the virus. However, the vehicles will not become properties of the NHS. They are donated for a temporary period of six months.

MG acknowledges the tremendous work the medical personnel are doing – putting their lives on the line in attending to patients infected with the COVID-19. It describes these workers as heroes and appreciates their efforts with this gesture. The donated vehicles will be delivered to various NHS agencies in the country by selected dealerships.

The details of the donation were contained in a press release signed by Daniel Gregorious – Head of Sales and Marketing, MG Motor UK.

The ZS EV is the electric alternative of the auto brand’s ZS crossover. In terms of length, it is like the Mazda CX-3, and has a seating capacity of five persons. It boasts of 141 horsepower as well as 260 lb-ft of torque.

Watch the MG ZS EV in action in this video!

MG ZS EV in action here

The UK government recently called on volunteers to assist the healthcare workers in fighting the virus. They were looking to have 250,000 volunteers but about 500,000 persons came forth.

Despite the rising popularity of electric cars, many people wonder if Nigeria is ready for electric cars yet. Stay safe by learning all you need to know about COVID-19 as a car user.

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