COVID-19: Mercedes emulates Audi and VW by releasing a new logo to promote social distancing


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Mercedes follows the footstep of Audi and Volkswagen by releasing a new logo that promotes social distancing amidst COVID-19 outbreak.

Everyone has a role to play in fighting the currently increasing spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus across the globe. Top German automakers like Volkswagen and Audi have already begun to do their part while lately, Mercedes has also joined in the fight by releasing a redesigned version of its popular logo.


Mercedes releases photo of a redesigned version of its logo that promotes social distancing amidst COVID-19 outbreak

The newly released logo simply promotes social distancing which is a recommendation by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a powerful tool to help curb the spread of the COVID -19 virus for now. As seen in the photo above, the new logo has a centre star symbol with each of its edge separated from the surrounding circle by an equal distance. This is the same way everyone around the world is advised to maintain at least 1-meter distance from anybody that is showing symptoms of the coronavirus infection. Also, people are advised to avoid social gatherings involving more than 10 people because the social distancing rule will be difficult to keep at such scenarios.

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This social distancing rule is for the benefit of humanity because the COVID-19 virus is spreading across continents like wildfire and mostly through human to human close contact. It is one of the only powerful tools currently implementable by everyone and many companies and automobile manufacturers have been promoting the idea. As a matter of fact, Audi and Volkswagen jointly released an emotional video recently which promotes this measure. Check out the video below;

  We are Volkswagen - Thanks for keeping your social distance

It is heartening to see this since global automakers have been hit hard by the Coronavirus, and they are stepping up by manufacturing medical equipment, shutting down plants, and now, adjusting branding to send vital social messages.

Coronavirus is Real!

#Stay Home, #Stay Safe!

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