COVID-19: Innoson discloses readiness to produce ventilators & other medical equipment


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Nigerian's indigenous automaker, Innoson is ready to diversify from vehicle manufacturing to producing ventilators and other medical equipment to match the growing need due to COVID-19

Nigerian indigenous automaker, Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing (IVM) has disclosed a readiness to convert its vehicle assembly plant in Anambra State to start manufacturing vital medical equipment that is likely in short supply in the country as the number of confirmed cases of COVID 19 continues to increase.


Innoson is throwing in their support for the Nigerian government to help curb the spread of coronavirus

Naijauto gathered there have been reports of a scarcity of ventilators and other important medical equipment which has become a concern to the world following the rising cases of coronavirus.

While addressing some newsmen on Monday, Innoson's spokesperson, Cornel Osigwe revealed the discussion he had with the company's CEO Innocent Chukwuma on the matter.

He said,

Innoson Motors is ready to assist the government in any way we can, including the likelihood of converting our lines to produce ventilators and other equipment

But we need the government or other health institutions to place orders for the quantity that may be required before we could take any step

With this statement, Innoson has joined the likes of Ford, Nissan, Tesla, and General Motors that have expressed their intentions to shift from vehicle manufacturing towards producing medical equipment that will help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

And while major automakers have decided to go into the production of medical equipment, some medical equipment gurus have informed the world in advance that it might take several months before this medical equipment will become useful

A medical equipment expert that's into the production of ventilators, Jens Hallek, said,

These are extremely sensitive machines with not only a lot of hardware, but also a lot of software. If one of the components does not work correctly, the whole machine shuts down and cannot be used any more

Nigeria confirmed its first coronavirus death on Monday 23, March 2020 after a retired NNPC senior official died. The 67-year-old retiree was one of the 36 confirmed cases since the virus was discovered in the country on February 27. However, as at the time of this report, there have been 46 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

With the figures increasing, it appears some people, especially the transportation sector aren't ready to adhere to the safety rules put in place to curb the spread of the virus. The Federal Capital Territory, one of the states with confirmed cases, ordered the arrest of drivers caught overloading their vehicles with passengers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many folks in the country believe there are some coronavirus carriers who haven't been tested within the huge population. Reports stated that not more than 200 persons have been tested in the midst of the 200 million population in Nigeria.

Health officials have confessed to the scarcity of testing equipment. We believe the recent arrival of medical equipment donated by a Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma, will go a long way in making more testing equipment available for testing.


Ventilators are scarce in Nigerian hospitals, thus posing a challenge following the rising confirmed case of coronavirus

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While we can't tell how many ventilators are currently in the country, some medical doctors practicing at four federal teaching hospitals disclosed that the number of oxygen machines across Nigeria will not exceed 300.

A neurosurgeon, Segun Adeoye said,

I cannot estimate more than 300 ventilators in Nigeria

Mr.Adeoye stated it would be better for Nigeria to start practicing preventive measures because the limited medical equipment won't be able to support hundreds of infected persons at once.

Prevention is better than cure!

Stay safe!

See why you should avoid close contact with anyone who's coughing or has a fever in the video.

Social distancing plays a major role in curbing the spread of coronavirus!

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